Thursday, March 22, 2012

dang difficult

These are my keys at work.

The other day we went outside for "extra" recess/snack for no reason other than it was really pretty. We live in Texas, these days don't last long, when it's a beautiful we go outside. I'm the teacher I make the rules.

Anyway, my keys were sitting on the picnic table outside and this convo went do:
Student A: Ms. Landin why do you have an 'n' on your key chain?
Me: It's not an 'n' it's a 'u'.
Student A: Ohh, why do you have a 'u' on your key chain?
Me: Well, it's going to be the first letter of my new last name!
Student B (sweet little struggling reader who I just adore): What's your new name going to be?
Me: Mrs. Urbanovsky
Student B: WHAT? Ms. Landin! That's not a 'u' that's an 'R'!!

She's totally right. It is.
All I could do was laugh and hug her.
and remind her that "'ur' says /r/ like nurse...but that surely went in one ear out the other

And that my friends is why it's so dang difficult to learn how to read English.

And also why my heart swelled 3 times it's normal size when my sweet little "student B" recognized so quickly why that didn't make sense.

Thus being reason 3029 why I love my job.

Hope something rewarding happens for you today!

Almost Friday! WOOO!


  1. i couldnt have said this better myself! love the blog


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