Friday, March 9, 2012

i heart ts

This post has no real significance (do any of them??)

I have always loved Taylor Swift.  Always.  Since the second I watched a documentary on her and found out she writes all her own songs.  I wrote this quick post about her while watching an awards show not too long ago...and today I'm back to give you more. Try to contain your excitement.

I realize not everyone shares my same opinion here.  I also will be the first to admit that her astonished doe eyes after each performance are a smidge annoying
your ts...people are obsessed with you, you know that - it's not a surprise anymore...


when someone says word like this: 
 How can you not love her?

And this girl always rocks it. The proof is in the puddin'...


red carpet...nails it.

vintage...not many can pull this off like she does.

such a doll.

gah...seriously I just want to be this flawless

doesn't even look like her but still so gorg! so cute

L.O.V.E. her straight hair! Wish she did this more often!

She's a covergirl for cryin' out loud!! They only take the best of the best. Fact.

And anybody that can rock a banjo like this girl...geez! AWES!

If Ellen loves her, everyone should.  Ellen does no wrong (except hooks it up with girls. ew.)

So that was my mindless brain dump this wonderful Friday morning...heading to yet another wedding this weekend, then SB2k12! Holla!

What are your feelings on T Swift? Love her or hate her?

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  1. I like her ... I love her words. She writes beautiful music.

  2. I realized that, over the past few years, the ONLY CDs I have purchased are T-Swift CDs!!! Love her!

  3. I have never heard that quote by her- but seriously, amazingly true. She is gorgeous, not doubt about it. Can I please have her hair?! LOL

    Happy Weekend!


  4. absolutely LOVE taylor swift!! I have been wanting to see her in concert forever now....but she really just seems like an amazing person besides being oh so talented. Great post...lover her and love the pictures you found of her! That one with the black shirt and her hair up truly is flawless!


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