Monday, March 19, 2012

bee there 10.5.12

I finally "officially" asked my best friends to do me the honor of being bridesmaids in my wedding 

About 3 months overdue but finished nonetheless...

I was so excited ask them!  Add so happy they all said yes! Here's what I put together!

My 7 favorite ladies in the world...
please ignore that the A in Ashley is the only capital letter really drove me nuts!

Will you "bee" my bridesmaid?
Had to get my love of bees involved in my wedding somewhere!

Who doesn't love a free tee! I know we all do, I was so excited to make these screen print T's for my girls (and myself!) I was really loved how they turned out! "bee there 10.5.12"
Want to know how to screen print? I have a pretty basic tutorial coming up soon!

I fully intended to make these cookies myself but you know what? Sometimes it's just easier to let someone else do things for you...I was very happy with my choice because they turned out super cute and they were quite tasty!!

I bagged them up...

And packaged everything together...

 And they were ready for delivery!

I was able to hand deliver most of them but had to UPS a few to my favorites that I rarely get to see and miss so very much :'(

I love you girls and I am extremely honored and excited that you will be standing by my side when I marry T!


  1. That is too adorable- love all the bee themed items.

  2. These are SO cute!! The t-shirts and cookies are a-dorable! Your bridesmaids are so lucky!

  3. Soo cute!!!! You are so creative!!

  4. ok beyond creative and so extremely cute! isnt being engaged the best! :) i love love planning a wedding. love the blog!


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