Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Dreaming about it anyway!

This past week I spent some time with T in Carrizo and Uvalde...I fell in love with a house. Hard.  I can't stop thinking about it and I haven't even seen it in real life, just online!

Just take a look...

ADORBS right??? I'm dying!

I can picture me, Mill, and Travler (Trav's sweet pup I can't wait to adopt) sitting on that porch waiting for T to get home from work every afternoon.  (hear that T, I would just adore if you were home frm work say, around 4? Can you make that happen?)

Oh my gosh, I LOVE this house.

Only problem is...I we decided about 2 months ago we should wait until later in the summer to buy. Travis was all about buying something right away so I could move out there as soon as my school years done. I on the other hand didn't see the point to rush until closer to the wedding...well, now he agrees we should wait and he's not quite budging yet. Big fat bummer.

(In reality, now is not the best time to be buying a house. We don't have a free weekend until July and we don't even have out wedding showers/bach parties planned yet. NO TIME. it would be a little silly to buy a house and just let it go unlived in for months until we can get in and make it a home....BUUUUTT...I WANT IT NOW!!!)

Still working on him but in the meantime I have been flooding my pinterest boards with all things "first home". Mainly simple fixes that can quickly update an older home.

Want to see them all? You can follow me here. But these are some faves as of late...

 Love the window shelf, open cabinets, and butcher block counters

 This mix of new/old and light/dark is perfect!

 I'm all about neutrals but I an digging this subtle splash of color.

So charming and easy!

 Everytime I run across this redo I die...not only is a perfect way to disquise those horrible giant mirrors but it looks so so amazing.  Possibly my favorite before and after of all pinterest time!

 Amazing idea! So pretty and neat!

Now tell me that door would not be perf on that adorable house??
Ha...a girl can dream right - don't think T will go for it in a million years.

And this monogram is beyond perfect for a newleywed couples door...even if the door's not pink!

AND just how exciting is this?? We will be married and living in our home just in time for the best time of the year....pumpkin (and football!) season! All part of the plan! You can bet your bottom dollar my porch will be covered in pumpkins!

I am just praying this house is still on the market in the next few needs to be ours. Seriously.

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  1. I love the house.... that is adorable!! :) Good luck!

  2. Love the the fun begins

  3. love the house. LOOOOVE the house.

    blogger vacation in uvalde this summer, right!?

  4. Oh MAN that's an amazing house. You need to convince him that it's a one of a kind must-have.

  5. I love that house! Home buying is so fun, but I am glad that we waited until AFTER we were married. It was crazy enough on it's own. I can't imagine wedding planning AND buying a house at the same time. Just my opinion! :-) See you tonight!!


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