Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm SO loving...

that I get to marry this sexy beast in 184 days (but who's counting?)

TOTALLY LOVING that we'll be here in 186 days…

I'm loving that today in my Friday in Kinder! Tomorrow we'll be on our field trip and I just get to sit back and enjoy.  Literally.  We're seeing this play at the Main Street Theater in Houston
 and I am seriously SO excited! My awesome chaperone's are “in charge”! Win, win!

Houston mamas, check out Main Street Theater! It's such a fun experience! Your kids will love it and so will you!

I'm loving BABYLIPS…I’ve seriously purchased a new shade everyday for the last 3 days.  Obsessed.

I'm loving that WHITE PANTS will be welcomed back into my life starting….now!
so chic

I'm loving the precious way my kinder babes say things.
ar-grew-ing = arguing
re-dic-lee-lus = ridiculous

Also loving all the dresses Jamie in loving!  May have to make my first ModCloth purchase, this dress is def in my basket!

Also loving these, as always...
but DEF NOT loving that the ones I bought at the grocery store (non-Cuties) don't even hold a flame to the real deal. Grr. Can only find these at Target.  Targ for the win as usual. 

What are you loving in real life and on pinterest? Link up!
Jamie    and    Michelle

(also not loving that blogger changes the size of my font - oh well)


  1. I can't wait til its white pants season!!! What's the deal with these Baby Lips glosses? I've been hearing so much about them! Do they have good color or are they mostly just good for taste??

  2. You get married to him and you get to go there soon? Uh, you're living the life, girl!!!

  3. Aw, I remember How I Became a Pirate from when I worked in a school. It's a big hit with boys and girls alike.


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