Monday, April 9, 2012

sneak peek

Saturday, Travis and I took a few engagement pics at some of his family's land. This was a little impromptu, we were going to be in the area and Travis really wanted to incorporate some of his childhood memories into a few of our pics.  I happily obliged. We borrowed my friends awesome camera and lens and T's cousin, Sarah (with the help of his uncle Buddy) took some great pics! I can't wait to see them all but here is a sneak peek!

A good camera makes such a difference in taking a great pic! And becoming an owner of one is now at the tip top of my list! I'm also dying to learn photoshop! Playing around with these pics and cropping/editing them on my totally unfancy photo editer deal was too much fun!

We take professional pictures next weekend and I am SO excited!


  1. YAY! Can't wait to see more - I'm sure the pics turned out BEAUTIFUL!

  2. YAYYY i saw some on your fb but i want to see more!!! can't wait!!

  3. Oh how exciting! Yes, it's so true a good camera makes all the difference.



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