Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This is me....
in FIVE MONTHS!!! Where is time going?!

I am BIG FAT loving that....I'M GETTING MARRIED!! Whoa!
Still trying to wrap my little mind around that! 

 I am loving that it's Wednesday already! SO FREAKIN' HAPPY!

I am loving that I've been crossing things off my wedding to do list left and, hotels, buses, photographer, a solid decor plan, bridesmaids dress (I think!) 

I am not loving however, the wait for my dress to come in! 
(Especially since I've had a small panic about possibly choosing the wrong dress after looking back at pics of another dress I tired on and loved.  Ladies...don't do this.  Just delete the pics! I'm sure I made the right choice but I'm just ready to have that baby in my hands so I can make for positive-certain-sure I did!)

I am seriously loving the pics Travis and I took on Saturday!

I am loving Weight Watchers! Just started about a week ago and it's great! 
I would just love to not look like a lard in that dress come October! 

I WISH, however, I was loving the freakin' gym! 

I am loving the thought of road tripping it to FLORABAMA for my bachelorette party in July! Casey is doing all the planning and there's no doubt it'll be spectacular! Love my MOH! 

I am loving my precious flower girls.

I am loving what's on me and T's agenda for this weekend! 
We're taking professional engagement pics on Sunday. WOO!
And we're going to Gary Chapman's "A Growing Marriage" seminar! 
Are you a fan? I for sure am! These are a few of his books I'm working on. Seriously, if nothing else just do this assessment.  Not only am I just plain fascinated with his ideas on love (5 Love Languages) but I am super excited about doing this with T who has not once complained even though it'll probably be a perfect Saturday for fishing AND the seminar is in College Station, one of our most hated towns (sorry aggies!) He's a loyal one that boy! Reason number 55673 why I love him. 

I am still loving this house and wishing and praying it will be mine.

And I'm loving all these pins to add even more curb appeal to this already adorable home.

And I'm loving these sweet girls who will not only add massive amounts of curb appeal sitting sweet on that porch but who will also be sisters soon! 

And very random side note...while searching for something to wear today I pulled out these bad boys circa 1999. White Abercrombie and Fitch pants. They were my favorite for evs and they still look just as good as the day I bought them.  Hats off to A&F. I'm def sporting them today. So shame in my game.

I'm loving that (and wondering how on earth) they still fit! Kind of makes me want to peek into Abercrombie, I used to be obsessed with their jeans!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I've been to the Florabama. Fun!

  2. love your new lay out, love that sweet little house and love white jeans, I need some!

  3. Congrats on getting engaged!! that's so exciting! I love the houses you pinned. The curb appeal is amazing!! (new follower from interesting wednesday! :) )

  4. girlfraaaand! omg you're getting married in 5 months!!! ahhhh i can't wait to see your engagement photos! and I LOVE Gary Chapman!!!! my sister in law read one of his books and gave it to me and i am obsessed with it! I literally tell every couple i know about it and about the 5 languages of love cause it's so true! and i'm not even closed to being married!

  5. Visiting from WILW. I LOVE your post! You'll be beautiful on your wedding day, you already are. LOVE those homes and the beautiful yards you're drawing inspiration from.

  6. 5 months to your wedding! very exciting :) I loved planning my wedding. though I totally agree the wait for the dress sucks! very cute picture of you two <3

    hope you had a great weekend :)

    {I have a giveaway going on right now. Love for you to enter!}


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