Thursday, April 26, 2012

Is this for real??

My newest sis in law, Katie, just started working at Anthro (Highland Village - tell her hi girls!) 

To say I was pulling for her to take the job would be putting it lightly but at the time I had NO idea it would come with perks like this!! Check it:

SAY WHAAA?! Yes ma'am. BALLAR!

Katie just got fav sis in law status....I kid, I kid - no favorites here. Plus, Tracy's giving me a niece!

Anthro's a toss up! HA

Naturally, I spent last night planning my first discounted purchase.

Current crushes:

with cut offs and sandals. Simple summer go to. 

I have the perfect orange necklace for this! Must have.

I've been eyeing this dress forever! I am a little obsessed with the leather straps. Patiently waiting for this gem to be marked down 75%...

Poncho? Yes, please. Always. 

Ahhh...heavy canvas, orange. I need this. Seriously. 

Every bride needs a white suit! Maybe in a few months this one will be about $200 less. 

A little out there but LOVE the retro.  This is perf for our days snorkeling or fishing in Belize! 

I could probably wear these every single day this summer. So cute!

Classic AND easy on the wallet. This will be purchased asap. I love my bracelets.

Speaking of love....oh-my-stars.
Unforch at $418, a 25% discount won't put much of a dent on this ah-mazing wrist candy.
BUT...if I wore it everyday for a year that's just $1.23 a day (tax included!). Totally justifiable. 

Hoping they carry this in the store.  Now I just need to decide on color! I love, love watches! Esp mint green and gold ones! Dying.

BEES! Pretty sure Anthro made this for me. 

I didn't forget about my fav niece-to-be, Charlotte! So, SO precious!
Can't wait for tea parties!

And if C-Dub needs anything she needs one of these cute babies! Or maybe both, yea, def both.

Anthro, I'll be seeing you this weekend. Get excited!


  1. whoa. awesome. Love the leather straps maxi too! also I love that mint watch GORG! It will look so good with a summer tan!

  2. Love your style and I love your blog, I think we should follow each other -

  3. That's super awesome and I'm pretty jealousss!!! Love that place!
    Happy Wednesday to you! :)

  4. great picks! i love the watch and gold bracelet!

    cute blog :)


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