Wednesday, May 2, 2012

so much excitement

My list of loves this week is gargantuan. Seriously long.

 First off, I just can't get past how stoked I am about our of Monday it was officially booked! This little surprise email in my inbox MADE MY WHOLE FREAKIN day!

THE COUNTDOWN IS ON....158 days until paradise!

*   *   *   *

Next up, a MASSIVE new obsession. I got my hair did!

I know most of you girls do this on the reg but not I.  In fact, I usually hate every haircut I ever get so I try to avoid them as much as poss. Until yesterday that is...

I got hooked up with some amazing hair and I couldn't love it more! I have never gotten any color in my hair. Well, except that one time freshman year of college after a box of Franzia my girlfriends convinced me to dye my hair darker. (WTH, I already have super dark hair) anyway, it WAS NOT pretty and very pricey to repair. I vowed off color forevs but I got an itch last week and I'm so glad I gave in...

Ombre highlights. LOVE!
I would never normally take a pic of myself (my face like this, I take pics of outfits in the mirror all the time) just FYI but I was sending pics to friends who would never believe the step I I sadly will NEVER be able to recreate the waves she made, had to document it! 

On the same hair note, I am now COMPLETELY inspired to try new things with my hair.  My beach waves messy natural hair is fine sometimes but to be honest they stay like that everyday because I am super's some hair loves via pinterest.

 *   *   *   *

I am loving that I have worn jeans to work basically everyday for the last 5 days. No jeans allowed but colored denim is totally professional right?? Eh, probs not so much.
See, pics in mirror...I have about 200 of these on my phone.  Great for days I "can't find anything to wear!"
I take a pic basically everyday, one day I'd love to post them all and see how styles have changed over time.  My future daughter would get a major kick out of it I'm sure!

These are the BEST skinnies I have ever owed. AND the price is T-RRRIFIC! I own every color and check weekly to see if they've added new shades. Try them and see! In fact, I'd say JCP may be one of my new favorite finds...the entire left outfit is from there. (minus the lime J. Simps shoes)

*   *   *   * 

I am loving that this weekend we finally got in touch with a realtor.  She seems very cool and I think she'll really be a great fit for us.  I can't wait to meet her someday the mean time I am still dreaming about our future home AND I found, alright, Travis found, another charmer that I can't stop thinking about! He definitely knows what I love!

First love interest:

 New love interest:

Oh my good, so, SO stinkin' adorable! Both of them!

*   *   *   *

I am totally LOVING that today is my Friday. I have days that I will lose if I don't take them which works out nicely since we have a wedding in Fort Worth this weekend.  I am SO excited to see some of my best girl friends tomorrow night.  It has been FAR, FAR too long!

Also loving that after 2 looong weeks of not seeing Trav I will finally get to hug his neck tomorrow!


*   *   *   *

I loved getting a package in the mail from Ms. Kelsey who hosted a nail polish swap.  can't wait to share my goodies with y'all!

*   *   *   *

I am loving these new wedding achievements...
-All my beautiful bridesmaids have their dresses!
-Our engagement pics are here.  Even though I wasn't thrilled with how the shoot went down, I did wind up loving some of the pictures! I'll share very soon!
-Save the dates are in progress and should be completed very, very soon! They kick butt. Really.
-T is working on our website. For some reason I just don't give a hoot about this, so I was happy he offered to do it.
-I bought 2 pairs of wedding shoes and am pretty obsessed with one pair. Wooo!
-My dress should be here in the next few weeks - may even take another day off school to pick it up in Austin with my mama!
-My complete luck, yesterday BHLDN happened to have the "&" they told me months ago was discontinued! Cake topper complete! SO excited about this!
-I have purchased almost all my gifts for the wedding party.
-Wedding decor organization is underway! EEE!

*   *   *   *

AND to add to all these amazing things...

ONLY 20 (school) DAYS UNTIL


*   *   *   *

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  1. Wow! You are def one blessed girl :o) Can't wait til school is out to spend days by the pool! G is ready!


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