Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I am freakin' LOVING plans for this weekend.

My friend Kati is getting married and we're celebrating in New Orleans.

SO excited to party with the bride!

Hands down, NO is my favorite city to party in America. It's like Vegas but WAAYY better because no one gives a darn what you're wearing, what you do, how hard you party, or how much money you spend.  In fact, one reason I love this town is because it always manages to be a pretty cheap weekend. (esp when you cram 7 girls into the same room - who care? you're in your room for a total of about 9 hours all weekend - MAX.)

So anyway....we're leaving Friday and I am BEYOND pumped about this little trip I will be taking with some of my favorite friends!

 Who the heck are these nasty men we are hanging on? Who know?  Who cares! It's NOLA!

We sure did pay that dang carney about $100 for those balloon hats that lastest ab 2 minutes.
Made for a fun pic at least!

These ladies will all be partying it up in NO this weekend! plus 6 more! Woo!

See...grungy-ish clothes and NO ONE cares! It's NOLA!

And not that I could ever really choose, but one of my favorite things about NOLA...


MMMM...can't wait to be sipping on of these bad boys Saturday morning.
 Perfect cure for a bad hang over!

*     *     *     *

In other news....

I'm loving that our save the dates are here!
Most of them are addressed and should be in mailboxes by Monday!

I'm loving we finished out wedding website, a task I didn't really care much about and a task that took too long in my opinion. You can check it out here:

I am loving (and hating just a little bit) that we're so close to summer! I have so much to finish packing in my classroom but I sure do love my babies! 

I was loving eating like a total pig this weekend!
However, I was loathing the results.

Well, a 7 day cleanse cut short by two days because obviously Cajun food and countless drinks don't exactly cleanse your body...
Going to have to restart this cleanse after the 6 pounds I pack on in Nawlins.

I must say though, so far so good! In two days I'm down just over 4 pounds. I'm a believer!
I found this cleanse on pinterest, duh! 

I love finding outfit inspiration on pinterest. Outfits are probably my favorite thing to pin and the pins I reference most often.

This was one of my very first pins nostalgic.
I love the color combo for spring. Chartreuse is always a fave of mine and I was dying to reproduce this.
Obviously, my take on it isn't as flawless as the above pic but it worked! I seriously love the outfit and can't wait to add a fedora to it this summer!
sorry, two for one here - I'm collaging outfit pics every few days for a album I plan to show my daughter one day (should we have one)
Link up here and here and here 


  1. I love the way you recreated that outfit!! Beautiful!

  2. I am DIEING to go to NOLA! Have fun!

  3. Wow looks like so much fun!! I'm planning a bday trip for December- can't wait! But what is that drink?! It looks like a shot with a pepper in it??


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