Friday, May 11, 2012

happy, happy LOVE

(ignore the smudged board, that would be the handwork of a certain rowdy pup) 

Pictures are in! I wish we could have arranged in our busy schedule to take our pics with our wedding photographer, Erin Woolsey at ee photography but I think it will make having her AH-mazing pictures of our wedding day that more special.  Check out her much talent!

 Even thought I was pretty annoyed with our engagement session (not ee photog just to clarify) I have to admit, I love some of the pictures the phptog we used got. And while it didn't go exactly as planned I know (much to Trav's chagrin) there are lots of professional pics in our future! Like every year? Yes. 

Plus, looking at these pictures is pretty funny to us now.  Those smiles and laughs?? All the result of two very annoyed people laughing at what an idiot our photog was finding the silver lining.

 notice my mad publisher skills? ha. dying to get photoshop!

 LOVE those sweet pups.
 and that sweet guy

and just as soon as i have photoshop, this will say "ten five" (our wedding date) not "one ten"

Now for the pics we took just for fun with Trav's cousin, Sarah Ann, and uncle, Buddy, as our photogs! This, unlike our  other experience was a lot of fun! And I seriously LOVE how they turned out! I had too much fun playing around editing them. 

And I'll close with what is probably T's favorite pic of them all. I had no idea he was doing this. He's quite the funny one that T...

Speaking of funny...there's quite a few of those too. I think they'll need a post of their own though!


  1. OH.MY.GOSH! Your pictures are amazing! LOVE them!

  2. WOO HOO! Love these! They came out so fabulous!


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