Monday, May 7, 2012

swap love

When my friend Britney emailed us asking if we'd be interested in doing a nail polish swap hosted by one of her friends I was immediately on board!

Swaps are fun for several reason:
1. you get a fun little package in the mail (always exciting)
2. you get to buy fun little surprises for someone (one of my fave things)
3. you get items that become your new loves (see below)
4. you find new blog reads (just what I need)

I was so excited when Kelsey, the host of this fun swap, emailed me saying we were partners!

Seriously y'all go check out her blog, she has a precious little girl (with a super cute name), she is super cute mom, and she still manages to look hot even while running...makes me sick.

I was excited to get my package in the mail but was feeling a little guilty when she emailed saying she was overnighting it bc she forgot to send it out...uh hello? Who cares!? You have a child, therefore you have an excuse. But it was so sweet of her and it worked out perfectly because I wound up wearing one of the fun shades for a Cinco de Mayo wedding this past weekend! It was perfect for the festive day! 

 That's Essie "turquoise & caicos" isn't it such a fun summer color?! LOVE. 

Thanks Kelsey for hosting such a fun swap! 

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