Monday, May 7, 2012

loco bueno fiesta

This weekend we headed to Fort Worth for a wedding.

I could not wait to see my long lost friends! We met for din in Grapevine. I, like a loser, didn't take a pic even though I had reminded myself a million times to get one. Such an amature.  I did however bring them all little prezzies. Be careful what you pin on pinterest, you just may be receiving it as a gift. 
One Leslie is getting married, one Leslie is having a baby, and Kara, well she got married a few years ago so she got a monogram (and hopefully will be telling me she's having a babe or something exciting in the near future) So much to look forward too!! 

I was incredibly happy to see them. Makes me sad we can't make it happen more often. 

I tagged along with T to the rehearsal on Friday morning. Where we all witnessed one of the bridesmaids get hit by a truck, literally. Thankfully she was ok, def one of the craziest things I have ever witnessed. Side note: the truck driver casually gets out of his car, helps her up and grabs his clip board to write an incident if shiz like this happens all the time? Say WHA??

My heart skipped a beat when I remembered FW now has a Chimy's. Only the BEST place to pretend your still in college! No worries we headed there right after the rehearsal, got there before they even opened to partake in some pre Cinco de Mayo festivities.

I drank my weight in Miller Lite this weekend. No joke. Sadly, I also came to the realization that I am no longer in college.

I took a little siesta at Chimy's as well. This had nothing to do with the festive beer consumed and everything to do with the fact that I was just trying to incorporate more Mexican themed things into the day....
My pillow's pretty dang cute. 

After my short siesta I was good to go!
Well...that's debatable...

After another siesta (location: hotel, not bar) I was def good to go. We got gussied up and walked over to the rehearsal dinner after which, a larger/wilder fiesta commenced. Even though we don't quite remember the most ridiculous bar tab I've ever seen it was definitely still there in the morning. Ouch. After I refreshed Trav's memory and his bank account reflected the news, he reminded me that even though we are about to buy a house, what's money if you can't use it to enjoy life with people you love and rarely see? Very true. No argument there. 

Saturday morning I headed to Dallas to do some shopping with my fave shopping partner Les! I couldn't wait to hit up H&M. I didn't go very crazy but man, I could have! I also snagged a few great finds for Casey
LOVE my new sandals! And I got a few great summer white shirts. They will definitely get lots of wear! Why on God's green earth does Houston not have this store yet?! 

I also found these precious, quirky shorts I'd been wanting at Anthro on sale! Embroidered bee hives and teeny little bees, cute as can bee! LOVE THEM! 

I made it back to the hotel in time for a quick nap with my ginger bear and we watched the Kentucky Derby. I cried when Mario Gutierrez crossed the finish line on I'll Have Another! 
Why do I cry so much? No clue. Probably because I was so happy for him, you could tell he was truly humbled and deserving of the win, also because I love when a horse with one owner (not a stable or a corporation) wins, but mostly I think I cried because 
a.) I was not at the Kentucky Derby for the 26th year in a row
b.) It wasn't my horse that just crossed the line
c.) Had I known years ago I'll Have Another would be a Kentucky Derby winning horse I would have somehow managed to scrounge up $11k to buy him when he was babe. Bargain!

Then it was wedding time! It was such a nice wedding at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. But it was HOT! T couldn't get his cute pink tie off fast enough...

We ended the night pretty low-key at a small bar, luckily with a much smaller bar tab! 

The weekend rounded out with a delicious brunch at Blue Mesa. A Bloody Mary was exactly what the doctor ordered.  

I was pumped to get to make the drive home with T.  Usually we're in separate cars since we go separate ways at the end of an out of town weekend.  We of course stopped at the famous "Czech Stop" for kolaches and souvineer shirts. T is a very proud Bohemian and I guess this shirt officially makes me part of the fam! WOOT WOOT! 
Jak Se Mas = How are you?/Whaaatzzzzzuuuupp?

A GREAT weekend spent with friends! 

BUT...lesson learned. 26 is too old to drink like you were in college. Noted. 

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  1. I think you are offically a professional wedding goer! Like for real!!

    Totally got my H&M fix in NYC last week! Love that place that I totally wanna throw the remote everytime I see an ad in Houston even though the closest store is Dallas.

    You look HOTTTTT in that last pic!

    Miss you!


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