Thursday, May 24, 2012

Winner, winner

Let me first say, I have never watched American Idol. Maybe a finale here and therebut never religiously watched.  Well, this seaon was different because I was obsessed, I mean obsessed with

Phillip Phillips

This obsession began during auditions. I was blown away with his take on Thriller. Seriously y'all watch it.  CHILLS!  He immediately became my number one man. I continued to watch him and even though I didn't 100% believe he would take home a win at the end of it all, I knew he'd walk out of Idol being one of the only ones (if not the only one) people paid any attention to a year from now.
I wanted him to win so, so bad!

He is so humble, so incredibly deserving, and I must say he is sexy (in an incredibly cute incredibly awkward kinda way)!! Gah, I LOVE him!!

I'm pretty sure the last CD I bought was like my junior year of high school but I will be the first in line to purchase his! Alright, maybe the first one to download it...

Nonetheless, I can't wait!!


Don't you just love when good things happen to good people?!



  1. I was sooo wanting him to win!!! He has been my favorite ever since auditioning with Thriller!! Love me some Phillip Phillips!

  2. I agree! He was amazing!! I didn't think he'd win because I didn't think America was that So happy he won! He really deserves it! Can't wait to hear his album!!

  3. A girl after my own heart! I'm so happy Phillip won! I was really worried he wouldn't. Can't wait for his CD!


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