Monday, May 14, 2012

Little Lady

This weekend we celebrated Ms. Charlotte Wynn (my favorite niece) and her mama Tracy (my SIL).

I LOVE any excuse to put together a cute shower but this one was especially special.  We have waited for a little Landin for some time now. Besides becoming a Mrs. becoming an aunt is a title I have always dreamed about. I couldn't wait to put something together for Tracy!

Tracy has always loved ladybugs. The second she announced she was preggo I hoped for a little girl for numerous reasons including but not limited to massive bows and tutus, but I have always wanted to throw a ladybug themed shower for her!

Here's a glimpse of the shower we had for Ms. C-Dub and Tracy!

I loved the cute little ladybugs everywhere!

Poofs. Aren't they just the greatest?!

My SILs and mama.

C-Dub's bassinet!
My grandmother slept in this sweet little bassinet, all of her children and grandchildren did and now the tradition continues.  I can not wait to put our little Urbo in there (one day)!  


  1. everything is so cute!!! i love the lady bug theme and I love all the details! so exciting!! i became an aunt last year and i adore my niece! i spend more money on her little clothes than i do my own but it's so worth it!! so excited for you!!

  2. Mandell, you could be a party planner! CUTEST.IDEA.EVER.


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