Wednesday, May 16, 2012

love/not so much love

I am loving that there is only 10 more days of school left. How is that even possible?
I am loving that everything is winding down and summer is within reach.

I am not loving that this part of my life is closing. Not teaching next year will be...bizarre. I don't even know what to think about it.  It seems so "freeing" but when I think more about it I know come August my heart will be aching to greet 20-some-odd new babies.

I am loving that I'm going out with my favorite teachers this afternoon.

I am however, absolutely hating that the reason for said dinn is a "farewell" to me.  It is WAYY to soon to be saying goodbye!

I am loving that T is looking at houses tomorrow! Let's play a little "House Hunters" shall we?

I am SO NOT loving that I can't be there.  We have to get this ball rolling though, him going this week without me will hopefully put us on the fast track in a couple weeks when we "seriously" go look. He better take extensive video footage of each house...

I am loving this canvas I got in the mail! The worn out denim adds a certian Bruce Springsteen charm don't you think?? LOVE IT!

I am loving this devil angel girl. And I'm pretty sure she is loving all these back to back weekends of being in town.

I am loving labeling all my classroom boxes with "Mrs. Urbo".  A little premature sure, but the next time I open them I'll be a Mrs. Urbo afterall - putting Ms. Landin will surely confuse any custodians right? Yes.

I am loving that this beautiful couple, Bill and Claudia, got engaged this past weekend! I am also loving that she caught the bouquet at the wedding just the weekend before. She had no idea at the time but I was dying over the irony! Add it to our 2013 wedding list!! YESSSS!

Speaking of weddings, I am loving that I have 2 more fun weddings and another bachlorette party on the books in the next month.

But I must say, I am loving that we only have 2 more weddings this summer. Then it's a mad dash to our big day! WOOO!

I are loving how true these words are.
And it reminds me how much I am always loving Rockport. Why is it that being close to the ocean/bay makes you feel a little closer to heaven?

I am NOT loving that we have no free time to get down there.

I am loving this addition to my wrist (the bracelet) simple and one sale at Dill! Win!

I am loving this app. Can you tell?

I think I am loving the idea of not having my wedding band be flush against my engagement ring.  I think. Thoughts??
i think this is from pinterest? snapped a screen shot of it on my phone.

I am loving how sweet T is. You would not believe the thought and consideration he put into his "groomsmen descriptions" for our wedding website. He is such an incredible friend, as this picture indicates...
bahaha...Mr. Daniel had a bit too much to drink. Mr. Daniel may also be a reality TV star soon. That's a show I'll def watch!
but really, I am so proud to call him mine.

Howevee...I am almost hating that he put so much effort into the site.  He's going to make me look like I totally hate my girl friends. In fact, it'll be a shocker if I even put a smidge of effort into our website. Thanks Trav for making me look like a total under achiever.

I am loving life in general and as always, counting down the days until I get to live less than 100 miles from T!

That's all for today! Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Your yellow dress is so pretty!

  2. Can I just come LIVE with you? You must have the CUTEST house!


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