Monday, April 22, 2013

we're adults

You know what makes a girl feel like a full fledged adult? Spending an entire weekend doing nothing but house projects. Want to know what makes a girl know she's an adult? Actually enjoying an entire weekend of doing nothing but house projects.

There is no running away from this anymore. I am an adult.
How did this happen? And when can I move back in to the dorms?

But I'll continue to dream about too many margs. At 2 pm. On a Wednesday. And try my damndest to pepper those in as much a possible.

But this new life isn't half bad. I quite love it actually. 

In a word, our weekend was productive. Very productive.

We have a handful of projects going on around the house and with our first full weekend home in what seems like ages, we knew we needed to take full advantage. And that we did.

We finished Trav's bar downstairs. He originally wanted me to paint it all old and chippy, like an old crab shack. I was ALL OVER that idea. Somehow, we ended up with this...I (mostly) kept my opinions to myself.  He gave me the entire house, I'll let him have his basement!

I refinished two pieces of furniture and got boards ready to finish out our dining room shelves. 

Do y'all have a closet or shelf with fun finds to "shop" through? I'm always changing things out throughout our house, I love shopping through this stash for the perfect addition! But it was high time to clear out a few things, get it re-organized, and a little more functional.

I think I was most excited about going to the nursery and planting our very first garden! Holy cow, getting a garden ready is hard work. About died. We planted tomatoes, jalapaneos and chilis, potted some herbs, and got seeds ready for a bigger veggie garden we'll make as soon as they sprout.

And you would never believe how helpful these girls were throughout the entire weekend.

We managed to squeeze in a long lunch with friends and a trip to San Antonio, where Travis fell in love with Hobby Lobby -I can't make this stuff up y'all, I had to drag him out of there for the sake of our wallet-

Other than lunch with friends our meals consisted of out-of-this-freakin-world turkey jerky with a heavy sprinkle of sno-cones. Duh. 

And Turbo made some guacamole. Jerky, corn dogs, sno-cones, guac.  You'd think I didn't just join a weight loss challenge or something.

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  1. Looks like you had a great productive weekend!
    Stop by some time

  2. Never stop dreaming of margs!!! :)


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