Wednesday, April 24, 2013

good things to come

and I'm kicking them off with this fab new blog design.

There's just something wonderful about a nice, organized space isn't there?

A space can tell you a lot about a person. Good or bad, it can change you mood, energy, and sometimes can even lend itself to productivity. Now if only every room could do that...

Over the last few months I've been slowly working on "my room" as we call it. A room that is completely mine, full of color (which is basically nonexistent in my neutral colored home), organization (in progress), and chock full of inspiration. 

Ideas, sticky notes, to-lists, inspiration galore pulled from magazines, catalogs and a million sketches, are all staring me down and I .love. it! In the last few weeks I have accomplished more here, than I have in ages. 

That's what a great space can do for you!

My hope is that having a new beautiful place in the www to share with you will inspire me to be a little more diligent. I have SO much I want to show & tell you all about! 

We are in the car a lot it seems. Truthfully, as much as I would love a little more time at home I look forward to being on Turbo's passenger side. Some of our best, and most important conversations take place in the cab of his truck. (I also get ample time to catch up on my mags and catalogs which I don't mind one bit.)

  Recently, on one of our countless drives home, Turbo and I were having a discussion about all things "future". He told me that I can't waste talents by not offering them to others.  He also encouraged me to really pinpoint what I love and what I'm good at and make something happen with it. And I full heartily want to, have wanted to...   

How pompous of me to presume people may actually like or even care what I have share, show, and tell, right? But in my (usually) wise husbands words, "if you're not going to do it, someone else will."

So very true.

New ventures like this can always be a little intimidating. But I think I've gathered enough encouragement to follow where my mind wanders. I mean really, what do I have to lose?

In the coming weeks I am excited to share a new endeavor with you!

This exciting little revamp you're looking at is what Travis would call an "investment".
see, he's usually so wise! Lucky me!

And didn't Bri do an amazing job? Total case of the green eyed monster here, I have complete respect for anyone who knows what the heck they're doing with html and even more respect for someone who is willing  email me back and forth no less than 40 times to make things look exactly as my (very specific) mind had hoped. Go check out her other work

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