Monday, April 29, 2013


It tastes as good as it looks, I can promise you that.

This birthday cake snocone was about as crazy as our weekend got.  Turbo was helping host a golf tournament, and was gone Thursday through Sunday morning.

My to-do list was quite lengthy, but did any of it get done? Nope. Since my only real "job" is to clean, do laundry, and cook dinner, when Travis is gone I kind of feel like I'm on vacation. Is that terrible?

 I spent Friday with the pups on the couch (another treat we partake in when Turbo's gone) and a full DVR. I never watch TV but record a hundred shows, so I was set to be lazy all weekend! 

Saturday, I did a little shopping in San Antonio but not before I got locked out of our house for 4 hours after closing the door behind us when I let the pups out. After a sad attempt to break in to every door and window we have, I finally decided to walk a few streets (barefoot. in a XXL shirt.) to our friends house to use their phone to call T who was staying just 20 minutes away. Total walk of shame - really, college all over again. I am SO thankful I decided to walk back in the house to put on shorts and a bra - which I don't always do. That walk of shame would have been a hell of a lot more shameful pants-less and bra-less. 

Neighbors were looking at my hotmessyness - and our unleashed dogs, wandering about - as I explained that I had gotten locked out and was just walking to borrow someones phone. Of course, I confessed that I don't actually know my husbands phone number when they offered theirs. Really, has anyone memorized a number since 2002? I got some definite eye rolls.  
Welcome to the neighborhood Mandell.  

Other than that, my weekend was incredibly chill. 
a nice way of saying worthless

Weekend lesson: hide a key somewhere and memorize your husbands phone number. 

I should also note that this is my second time to be locked out of the house and unable to get in.  About 7 times I have gotten locked out and successfully broken in. AND I've locked my keys in my car no less than 13 times...

No one should probably ever give me a baby without some serious, immediate, OnStar/AAA coverage. 

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  1. I hate getting locked out of my house...has happened a few times...ooops!
    Have a great week!
    Stop by some time

  2. Ouch! It's not good! You have to consider to put a key on a necklace LOL
    I'm co-hosting THE Bloglovin' collective and I'm following you with pleasure:)


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