Tuesday, April 2, 2013

sexy lil' leslie

A few weekends back we celebrated one of my best friends, Leslie, at her bachlorette party. 
I offered to host and was super excited to have a house full of girls! 

I wanted it to be fairly "classy" as far as bachelorette parties go...
with a few penis straws thrown in for good measure, of course.

The theme was inspired by this gorgeous Kate Spade china:
Who wants to buy it for me??

Gold and white with a mix of pink ombre.

Here are a few pictures, I was happy with how everything came together!

Turbo, one who rarely takes notice of the way things looks, walked into to the living room and said, "Wow, if I were a girl I would really love this!" 
The quickly after said "it looks like a bubble gum factory exploded in our living room" to man-up his previous comment.

So since it was Turbo approved, I was pretty certain the girls would love it too.

are you still reading hoping to get a glimpse of the penis straws?


Since, ever so sadly, Turbo ixnayed me purchasing a set of KS china.
 I was forced to get creative. 
I give you: Kate Spade Mandell Urbo New York Ticker champagne flutes 
available for purchase at Niemans not anywhere but right cheer. 

I should also mention that he told me I could not paint the dining room pink to match the party.
Two words for him: Party. Pooper. 
For the record, at least one wall in our home will be painted to match the theme of our first born's first birthday. Go ahead and mark my words right now. 

Love you Les! I was so happy to have you and all your favorite ladies here.
Hope you had a perfect weekend!

Maybe I'll even post pictures of the actual partying that went down some day! 
Some day. Maybe. One thing at a time...

link here,  here,  here,  herehere, here,
  here, herehere, and here 


  1. As Rachel Zoe would say...The pink and gold mix is Gorge!

  2. I'm in LOVE (as I've stated before). This is PERFECT for my little bride, I'm seriously going to pin almost all of your pictures to my secret bachelorette party board. :)
    What kind of stuff did you guys do?

  3. Beautiful! I love chocolate and champaigne :)
    I'm visiting you today from Salt Tree Social. I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog and leave a comment, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206
    Medicine Cabinet Makeover

  4. You need to become a party planner/decorator! Love it ALL!

  5. This is beautiful! So many pretty extra touches. <3

  6. Great looking party!! Loved every bit of it!!! You'll be on this week's To Do List!!


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