Tuesday, January 21, 2014

catching up - 17 weeks!

I've been re-inspired to document the weekly(isn) going-ons!
|| 17 weeks || 
How far along: 17 weeks!

Gender: I still have a strong feeling it's a boy but the other day out of no where I decided to add this pink heart to my grandma Doll's necklace that I wear every day. As soon I put it on I suddenly and for the first time ever had a feeling like "maybe it's a girl!" It for some reason caught me really off guard and I cried thinking about how nervous I have always been about raising a daughter. How I don't think I'd be as good a girl-mom as I would be a boy-mom. But at that very second I felt like it was Dolly saying, "if it's a girl you will be the best mom to her!" It completely calmed all my nerves about having a little girl! And maybe even a little excited about the possibility of a girl! If it's a little girl in there she has the absolute best guardian angel I could ever imagine!

Maternity clothes: not yet. I need to add a hair tie to my favorite jeans though, they've been getting unbuttoned frequently...

Sleep: Great! Helps that I've been exhausted by the time bedtime rolls around!

Best moment this week: If Casey has her baby in the next 24 hours that would be the absolute best part of my week! But I was so happy to come home for a few days, get my first craft show (and last after my the small one on Thursday) over and done with, and unless baby E decides to cooperate with my time schedule, Casey and I are spending our last ever moments of babyless time together tomorrow (Trav's fantastic idea!) So crazy how much our lives as we know them are about to be rocked forever, in the best possible way! A&E=BFF

Worst moment this week: Trav was gone all week and I won't see him until Tuesday night! Livin la'vida loco.

Miss anything: Just want a dang mimosa. Really just a pitcher of champagne with a splash of oj, please! Or a giant Bloody Mary with lots of pepperoni, pickled green beans, and olives! Oh.yum.

Cravings: (see above) But really, my plate typically looks something like the above picture. I also had this sudden craving for hamburger helper. I used to skip my mom's meals to go eat hamburger helper at Casey's house in high school and I couldn't wait to sit down with a big plate of it.  Except when I did, it was SO gross! I suffered through enough bites to qualify as lunch and pitched the rest! YUCK!  I've been eating terribly the last week, things go crazy when Turbo and I are off our regular weekly routine. Pretty excited about chicken minis tomorrow though!

Queasy or sick: thankfully, neither!

Looking forward to: finding out if we have an Ace or Acie next week and feeling him move!!!!

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