Monday, November 11, 2013


|| 16 weeks ||

 Some form of "weekly bump pics" will be coming soon.  I haven't felt like there's much to show but several people have told me how fun it is to look back on and notice the slight difference week to week. And it's boarder line killing Travis that I'm not doing it already. As soon as I locate an empty wall and invest in a tripod, it will be happening. 

How far along: 16 weeks! I definitely see a bump there but I think now I'm ready for a noticeable "it's a baby in there" bump. I have a feeling it may be a while though. I keep getting told that since I'm tall I probably won't hardly be showing until 6-7 months. Really??

Gender: we will officially find out November 25th!

Maternity clothes: I wore the skinniest/tightest jeans I own on Friday night and I finally had to unbutton them. Not so much because they were feeling too tight but because by back was absolutely killing me! I've also worn a pair of maternity leggings a couple times this week and they are SO comfortable but they really need a bump to support them. I kept yanking them up. I have, on the other hand, busted out of two button downs. My favorite, favorite denim shirt will have to be retired until further notice. :'(

Sleep: Much better now AND without the aide of meds! But it could have something to do with the fact that I'm attempting to do 101 different things every day. My mind and my body are exhausted by 8pm!

Best moments this week: 
- Hearing Ace's heartbeat at our appointment on Tuesday! He was so busy in there our doc said all the other commotion we heard was him flipping and kicking the doppler! Love our busy bean so much even though I'm absolutely certain we will have our hands full in several short months. 
- Also, our cousin and her husband, who have been trying for a baby for about a year texted me the most wonderful first picture their little angel! I am so incredibly excited for them! 
- I also finished almost all of our Christmas shopping at the San Marcos outlet malls on Thursday and...purchased Ace's diaper bag! 
- In town for church two Sundays in a row??! That has never happened! It was so fun being greeted with a "so happy to see y'all again" and invited to lunch by members we met the week before! 
- AND Turbo got the biggest buck he's ever killed this week! So happy for him! It's fun to think that over the next probably 40+ years Turbo and his kiddos will spend weekends bonding over things like that. I'm not huge on dead animals around the house but I love the idea of a room full of all those memories they've made together! 

Worst moment this week: Turbo being gone (which to be completely honest wasn't all that terrible. I got a lot done and I'm finally getting less and less nervous of my empty house!) 

Miss anything: If I got to choose between drinking a bottle of champagne and a new pair of riding boots, I'd choose the that so terrible?

Cravings: None. However, my empty pickle jar collection is growing. And that's not a pregnant girl joke. 

Queasy or sick: Nope. Just hoping the back pain I was having on Friday never shows its ugly face again. 

Looking forward to: Getting everything ready (done/finished/out of sight forever) for the craft show I'm doing next weekend. Slowly pulling out Christmas decorations! Finding out if our little is an Ace or Acie and feeling him move! 

We could not ask for better weather around here! It's been gorgeous! Sunday afternoon we took the pups to the river for the first time in ages! It was pretty chilly but the views and happy tails were totally worth it! 

While Turbo was getting his big buck, I got my diaper bag! The best kind of trade off if you ask me!

I know. My husband looks like a giant leprechaun with that beard....

And here's the bag I will be toting along with little Ace!

I was thinking I would just get a black and leather Jon Hart bag instead of an actual diaper bag, but I just couldn't pass this one up!

 I wore it strapped across me for a good 45 minutes while shopping and everyone agreed it suited me well! Can't wait to have a babe on the other hip!


  1. Cute bag! I see a little bitty bump in that first picture... but definitely not much yet! I'm sure you'll be showing before 7 months- height doesn't have much to do with it! ;)

  2. Love that bag!! What is it called?? It's Kate Spade too?!!


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