Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween pre-babe

Our last Halloween without a sweet little babe to dress up! I couldn't even express to you how excited the thought of having a baby for all the holidays makes me. Can.not.wait to see them through the eyes of a child! 

We, as usual, played it low key. Chili on the porch and passing out candy to all the little disney princesses and supermans that came by! We had well over 200 trick-or-treaters from about 5:15-9:30pm and went through about $60 worth of candy! We were all exhausted by the nights end. Totally worth it though, I love any excuse to be neighborly! 

I was a "hippie" and wore an outfit I have worn before a regular non-Halloween day if that tells you anything about the contents of my closet...  Even the pups got costumes! My sweet little fairy princesses! They were a HIT! 

We were excited Leah and her dog horse, Waylon could join! 

who wants to come repaint our porch?!

Turbo? He was sans costume but he got a great start on no shave November and is currently rockin' a killer beard! I don't even hate it! It helps that it's all for a good cause as well. Not exactly sure what that cause is but it's something for pancreatic cancer..? I think?

Anyway, all FIVE of us had a great time! Ace experienced the perfect start to Halloween if you ask me! 

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  1. 2 things... Where is Travelers tutu? And I think it prostate cancer :) LOL
    Can't wait to see YOUR mini's costume next year! You'll have to get Trav in on a family costume!


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