Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week by week

I went back and forth on whether or not I would do these little weekly updates. But in the grand scheme of things, I think it's worth the 5 minutes it takes to jot them down. I have already loved looking back at the past weeks so I know it will be fun for both me and Ace to look back on in years to come. So here's week 12, 13, and 14 lumped together.

And can I also just mention that becoming pregnant instantly made me content with every.single.thing in my life. Everything. Not that I was discontented before hand but within 8 tiny weeks, life, even the suckier aspects, have no room. It's pretty amazing the power something the size of an orange has over your heart. 

I'm pretty sure I'm the only one, but I think sonogram pictures is a little weird. 
BUT, can we just talk about how cute those little legs are?! I mean. 

12 weeks
How far along: 12 weeks
Gender: We're guessing boy! But I've assumed I'd have a big bunch of boys my entire life. Our doctor has also guessed boy. We will hopefully get a better idea when I go in for generic testing next week.
Maternity clothes: I've purchased a few things but haven't needed them yet. However, I brought a pair of Gap maternity jeans with me to Alaska and Holy Cow! Why on Earth do we all not regularly wear those?! So amazingly comfortable!
Sleep: Not so wonderful. The last couple weeks I haven't been able to fall back asleep after I wake up between 2-3:30am. It's really frustrating but I've started taking Benedryl or Tylenol PM a few nights a week to help with that.
Best moment this week: Seeing Ace flip all kinds of directions in our second ultrasound. I think that was the first moment of "true love" for both of us. Getting to stop progesterone! Also (un-baby related) I joined the Garden Club and fell even more in love with the sweet town we live in.
Worst moment this week: Exhaustion. Sleepless nights. And headaches that sneak up on me. Oh and that damn flu shot they wouldn't let me avoid.
Miss anything: Nothing. Except (BIG except)...copious amounts of Miller Lite on Saturdays. My energy. And being on top of my to-do lists.
Movement: Nothing yet. But pretty excited about it!
Cravings:  Chicken and water. Sliced tomatoes with salt. If asked what I want I will almost always say Subway. Nothing really ever sounds good but I'll pretty much eat anything. However, my parents delivered CFA chicken minis (in a lunch kit, from 2 hours away - they're the best) Saturday. I saved them for dinner and it was pretty much the most incredible thing that's ever hit my taste buds!
Queasy or sick: Just shear exhaustion which at times feels like I'm sick. And if I don't eat something within about 15 minutes of hunger striking I feel absolutely terrible and nauseous.
Looking forward to: Celebrating Casey and Baby Pollard this weekend! Travis is looking forward to a baby bump! He asks me almost daily to show him so I suppose I'm looking forward to the day I have something to show! And mostly, having and "all clear" at our genetic testing. Happy thoughts y'all!

Also worth noting: at 12 weeks on the nose I could no longer suck my stomach in past my hipbones. At 12w1d I had what looks like an ate-too-much-belly, but that is certainly the work of Ace. A firm, teeny tiny bump. And while I think I would have preferred for that to hold out as long as possible I'm kind of majorly in love. I swear I will not be "that mom" constantly rubbing her belly but really, it's like a magnet! Who knew?!

Are you dying over this girl? I am! Not only do I hope that Acie, should she be a girl, looks just like her (as she should since she's basically my mini me!) She also makes the idea of having a girl so, SO much more exciting!

13 weeks
How far along: 13 weeks
Gender: Still assuming boy, which honestly if I could choose is what I'd pick for my first for various reasons but mainly so my daughter will have a big brother and because I feel like I'm much more cut out to be a boy mom. However, my niece (the.cutest.kid.ever.for.real - as shown above) and purchasing the cutest.swimsuit.ever from Gap got me really excited for either.
Maternity clothes: not wearing any yet. However, my skinniest skinny jeans were quite snug in the tum this weekend....oy!
Sleep: Getting better thanks to the aide of Benedryl at the beginning of the week and shear exhaustion towards the end of the week.
Best moment this week: Coming home for a few days to celebrate baby Pollard on Saturday. Telling all my old school friends I am "expecting a mini!" (With a delicious CFA chicken mini tray) Doing a fun little photo shoot to share the news that news of Ace to the -social media- world AND I bought a new vacuum! #housewifevictories
Worst moment this week: the stretching and minor cramping I've been feeling. Just makes me a little too anxious and nervous.  Not getting a break from Thursday to Saturday and driving to Sug and back to Uvalde by myself. Normally Turbo chauffeurs, and I prefer it like that!  
Miss anything: Relaxing weekends. But Ace can not be to blame for that, that's one hundred percent our own over scheduled faults.
Movement: Nothing yet.
Cravings: A giant, freezing cold mimosa on a patio in the perfect weather. During our big (7-0) Tech victory!
Queasy or sick: Felt pretty "blah" this week but exhaustion is lifting little by little. I have to sit down less and less, which is a giant win in my book.
Looking forward to: Seeing sweet Ace on Monday for our genetic screening, possibly determining gender, but mostly, having an "all clear" from the doc. Having full access to my energy and appetite. Using my new vacuum AND.....(drum roll please) A WEEKEND AT HOME! The first in over 2 months! Turbo will be hunting and I cant wait to do NOTHING (and catch up on house chores)

Taken at like 13 weeks-ish, and hasn't changed. 
Take a good look at this folks, because it is very likely the first and last bare baby bump picture you will ever see from me. Again, it's just very weird to me people do this. But it was the only way to see that there is in fact a bump there, even though it looks as though cheeseburgers are to blame. 

14 weeks
How far along: 14 weeks
Gender: Guessing boy!
Maternity clothes: Not yet, although it's probably worth mentioning that about 90% of my tops could be considered maternity. New leggings are on my to-buy list though!
Sleep: Eh, so-so. Some nights it's fine others it's less than par.
Best moment this week: Seeing Ace and getting word that his measurements all look great! And this incredible fall weather we've been having is just icing on the cake!
Worst moment this week: Waiting all week for the blood test results from the genetic screening. Still haven't heard back! Tech losing. Ace didn't take his first loss well.
Miss anything: Miller Lite would have certainly made our loss on Saturday a little more bearable. Also miss my house being perfectly clean, I am determined that by Thursday I will be caught up on all chores (or hire a maid!)
Cravings: Chicken, water, tomatoes/fruit. All week I've been wanting to eat a do-nut, and by the time breakfast comes around the thought makes me queasy.
Looking forward to: Ace's results from the genetic screening. And a weekend at home with Turbo! Can't wait for a relaxing weekend, beautiful weather, and church on Sunday!
   *BIG update: we fiiiinally got the results back and Ace is good as gold! We are so blessed and excited! 

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