Tuesday, January 21, 2014


|| 18 & 19 weeks ||
   19 weeks

How far along: 18 & 19 weeks

Gender: It's a BOY!! We are beyond thrilled!

Maternity clothes: Just the rubber band trick which all of my pants have now adopted as of week 19.

Sleep: Good! Sleeping like a rock and falling back to sleep immediately after mid-night restroom breaks.

Best moment this week: Finding out Ace was an Ace all along on Monday! We met our parents for lunch in San Antonio after our appointment to share the news! I've also been feeling him like crazy! We also had a great, albeit busy, week celebrating Thanksgiving! Christmas came early in Cuero this year! We celebrated with Trav's family the weekend after Thanksgiving. I was SO excited to unwrap a new camera lens I read is great for babies and kids, and a tripod! I'm determined to get good at the photography thing so I won't have to dish out thousands on professional family pictures over the years! Annnd...CASEY HAD HER BABY! Sweet Easton Glenn Pollard is here!

nothing better than a man holding a baby. nothing.

Worst moment this week: can't think of anything. But I'm tired....

Miss anything: same ole, same ole. Miller Lite. 

Cravings:  Getting more and more of a sweet tooth which I'm not thrilled about. But after getting in trouble for not eating/gaining enough I guess a cookie here and there will only help!

Queasy or sick: nope! Feeling pretty good!

Looking forward to: Getting house projects crossed off our list and starting on Ace's precious little nook of a room!

I made sugar cookies for our parents to break open to share the news! We also brought balloons to the restaurant because balloons are fun.

I was so nervous going into the ultrasound. I always am and always will be, I'm sure. She had a REALLY difficult time getting the pictures she needed. She had me laying in different positions and was shaking the heck out of my belly trying to get him to move so she could get a better look. I hadn't had anything to eat and got a lecture from the sonographer and an "I told you so" glare from Travis who the doctor was putting the blame on. Poor guy, he's constantly telling me to eat! When she was finally able to tell it was in fact a boy, after she had be chugging room temperature juice boxes, I of course sobbed. BEST PHRASE WE'D EVER HEARD! Buuut, a teeny piece of my was a little sad she didn't say girl also. I had wanted twins incredibly bad and one of each would have just been icing on the cake!

Lucky for us, because she wasn't able to get all the pictures she needed we get to have another ultrasound! 

I, of course couldn't not go shopping for my baby BOY! Osh Kosh has some of the cutest boy clothes every created...

Several other items arrived in my mailbox shortly after!

Ace is a busy body! Not surprising! I finally determined after weeks of not being sure that it has in fact been Ace I'm feeling in there! I never got the "flutter" type feelings people describe, or maybe I just was oblivious to them. But for the last two weeks I've been feeling what feels more like popcorn popping or a tiny fist hitting a trampoline. The first time I truly took time to noticed it was after a slice of ice cream pie. Millie was laying on my stomach and after each of her heartbeats I would feel him. They already have a special bond! I was pretty sure I felt him outside of my stomach then also.

Head to belly, just making sure things are all good in there. 

During the last quarter of the Alabama/Auburn game he was would not be still! He's destined to be an SEC football player and loves a good game! He's definitely our boy! I loved every second of the jabs and felt him many times on the outside! Travis didn't feel him because we were with a bunch of people and hands on a mostly bump-less stomach is just a little awkward. Hopefully he'll feel it soon!

I got the happiest little "it's a BOY" surprise from a very happy Lolly! She is totally the BEST!

Somewhere in this span of time we also took a quick trip to visit this beautiful lady! We were so happy we did! 

And I'll leave you with a picture the cutest little profile I ever did see!

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