Tuesday, January 21, 2014

3 for one

|| 21, 22, & 23 weeks ||

This seemed to be Ace's official appearance! Look at that bump, the boy loves football!

How far along: 21, 22, & 23 weeks (phew, I'm behind)

Gender: BOY and we literally are incapable of being anymore excited!

Maternity clothes: Still the hair tie trick...come on big bump, where are you? I thought for sure I'd look and feel massively pregnant by Christmas.

Sleep: falling asleep great, but for the last couple weeks falling back a sleep after going to the restroom around 3 is a major problem. Benadryl and going back to sleep for a couple hours when Turbo leaves have been doing the trick. What I need to start doing is just getting up and getting stuff done around the house. Such a waste if time laying in bed awake for 5 hours! Grrr!

Best moment this week: So many great moments! But I'd say the sweetest have revolved a man and his boy. Travis felt him kick at 20 weeks on the dot however, it wasn't until a few days ago (22 weeks) that he felt him basically punch his hand. He was giggling and amazed at how strong his boy already is! It was so fun to see his excitement. I really wish I remember all the things Trav says about "his boy". He is most certainly in love! We swapped Christmas gifts before leaving for Houston. He got several things he'd been wanting including an AC/DC box set he was really pumped about. It was very clear he was excited as he was reading through the book they included and listing off all the songs he couldn't wait to listen to. In the middle of the excitement he reached out to touch my stomach and said "but this is by far the best gift". Melt my freakin' heart!

Worst moment this week: none to really speak of. I got "in trouble" for spending far too much money in a week eating out with girl friends. That convo wasn't much fun but I completely understand how that money could have been better spent...like on one of the hundred different projects we need to do around the house. But lunching is just so fun! (But Ace is more important. I get it.)

Miss anything: Oh, you know, just the drinking. Thanks holidays.

Cravings:  I don't think I've had any true craving lately, but I'm certainly not happy about the fact that sweets sound way more appealing to me now than they did the last several months.

Queasy or sick: There were a few days where I was absolutely convinced I had a bladder infection. The doctor said I was all good. The fact that I even went to the doctor should tell you how much I love this boy! After my appointment and for the first time, I actually thought I was going to be sick. I think it was due to not eating but in line at Old Navy I had to grab a gift bag from the display just in case...it passed as soon as I got some good ole CFA! I've also been having some little pains in my hip and back every so often. I'll take it though!

Our last Christmas as two! 

Looking forward to: Christmas 2014 with our 8 month old boy! Can't even stand it!!

Turbo got some dad practice in over Christmas!


I feel as though Ace moves an abnormal amount. Constantly. All day everyday, it seems! I love every second of it but it alone I feel like makes me tired! I can't imagine how I will likely be feeling when I'm actually holding that wiggling boy in my arms! The boy loves music! He is currently rocking out to Trav's new box set as we drive to Houston. Proud Turbo. He keeps asking if he's dancing -of course he is, he never stops- to which he'll grin and say "he likes this song, just like his daddy!"

For Christmas Travis also got a diaper bag backpack. The man loves bags/backpacks and organization so having a bag all his own is right up his alley! The bag he'll use when they go to Bass Pro Shop together! Humorous side note: he asked what the clear zipper pouch was for. When I explained it was probably for pee or poo soaked clothes he had a look of confusion in his face. Reality babe!

Christmas was so great all around! I love family time! 

Family time continued when my brothers (3 out of 4 of them anyway) came to visit.  It was a relaxing weekend and I got to squeeze this sweet girl for 2 whole days!

Somewhere in this time frame Ace also received his very first piece of mail! I literally squealed when I read it. There may have been a tear also. I've never seen his name printed by someone else before, it was certainly a month-maker! 

My to-do list keeps evolving and enlarging! Can't wait to start crossing things off and get Ace's home as perfect as possible before Easter!

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