Tuesday, January 21, 2014


|| 20 weeks ||

How far along: 20 weeks! Half way to meeting our Baby BOY Ace!

Maternity clothes: I feel like the bump is growing ever so slightly, compared to 9 weeks anyway. Still in regular clothes with the help of hair ties but my maternity leggings, though falling down, are getting lots of stage time.

Sleep: Great. Like a rock most nights. Though, we haven't gone to be before about 1am in probably 2 weeks which could explain that.

Best moment this week: Finishing our Christmas decorations and thinking about the little curious hands that will be driving me crazy next year at this time! Holidays with a 6+ month old will be the greatest joy!

Worst moment this week: Never in my life have I felt more stressed. More below...

Miss anything: not being a crazy person. See below...

Cravings:  whiskey drink by the fire. Reasons below...

Queasy or sick: nope, just stress that hit the very pit of my stomach making me want to throw up!

Looking forward to: making it home safe and sound tomorrow to get my sweet pups from the Bed and Biscuit and sitting by the fire with a (non alcoholic) drink in my hand.


We had been planning to visit the tiny town of Truscott, TX for our friend, Colton's surprise 30th birthday at his ranch. We left Uvalde at 1:30and 60 degrees, by 2:30 the temperature had dropped 30 degrees and we had a flat tire. Two hours later and down the road we hit the icy weather we'd been warned to  "stay inside" for. We spent the next 5 hours slipping and sliding down the highway in the dark. After one big spin I couldn't handle it anymore. The boys were so excited to get to the ranch and start the party they couldn't help but laugh about the fact that we were swerving all over the road. Their reaction paired with my ultimate stress led to me crying in the backseat until we arrived safely to the lodge.

I don't think I will ever be an over protective parent. In fact, in most ways I feel like Travis will be far more concerned about the safety and health of our kids. But right now I am the ONLY person capable of keeping Ace safe. When I lack control over a situation (mainly driving with someone other than Travis at the wheel) I feel completely irresponsible.

I've never thought that I'm one to make entirely dumb choices but 5 years ago, even 5 months ago, I would have enjoyed bundling up, doing donuts on the ice, and probably coming up with other insane ways to enjoy the thick snow and ice....trash can lids tied to the truck bumper?? Yes, please! This weekend is far different, I feel like a total stick in the mud. We're in the middle of nowhere, the boys could go slipping and sliding all over this giant, flat, tree-less ranch and I'm nearly 100% certain everything would be fine. But the off chance that something could happen is enough to stop me.

The fact that I can't enjoy a single whiskey drink over the course of this freezing, 6 degree, weekend while everyone else indulges (heavily) only adds to my stress factor. Luckily, I have a 6 pack of O'Doules waiting for me today. Oh, boy!

It wasn't all bad though, promise! I got to cuddle sweet pups and pet new baby cows! That's more than enough to turn a stressful weekend around! 

Friday night, like a pregnant girl, I went to bed shortly (i.e. immediately) after getting home from Colton's birthday party. I was already like 1am so I wasn't being entirely lame! Anyhow, about 4am I woke up to some serious dance moves happening in my belly. I then realized someone was upstairs playing the guitar and singing old, great covers. Purple Rain, a long time favorite, included in the mix! It was Ace that woke me up, not the music but I didn't fall back alseep until the party was over. This was our first look into what I'm certain will be Ace's love for music. He's got some of his Papaw Eddie in him that's for sure! We're hoping he also gets some of his musical talent as well! Maybe we'll have an Alan Jackson instead of a JJ Watt! 

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