Monday, July 16, 2012

wedding wishes

You know what's fun?? Registering for wedding gifts. 

I would like to shake hands with the person who thought, "man it'd be really great if we made a wish list for wedding guests to choose from instead of getting random crap and 100 platters"

That person is a genius

It was just a week after being sick with pneumonia so I wasn't feeling my normal perky self but we still managed to have SO much fun zapping all kinds of great things! Travis and I not only agreed on everything we registered for but I think we both truly love it all.

Trav was a scanning pro and I, well, I was good at pointing at stuff.

If you're a total creeper like me and head to to judge people's registries (even if you hardly know them) than this is for you...

Judge away!
Trav may have fallen in love with a $400 freakin' lamp at PB and I'm a little embarrassed about such an unnecessary big ticket item but he was being such a good sport, I let him scan that baby. 

and I threw this in for good measure...T may or may not know about this one...

Now we just need a stinkin' house to put all our goodies in. Hear that house fairy??

Should I register for the Dyson Ball?? Just seems a little pricey for a flippin' vacuum buuut it's what all the wives use, right? There must be a reason. So tell me, does it live up to the hype?


  1. i have a shark vacuum, and i personally LOVE it.

  2. what the heck? blogger never told me about the last like 10 posts!
    #1 i didnt know you were dying of pneumonia. i thought you were at the poles with yoooo dollas!
    #2 i need you to step it up on the group texts.... i dont have enough mandell in my life!!!
    #3 ok, i miss you ;)

  3. #1 I'm laughing at Brit's comment
    #2 I'm so jealous you got to register. I want to register more than I want to get married right now (big sign I'm not ready to get married)
    #3 I'm obsessed with the fact you registered at Anthro!

  4. so on the dyson - few tips with registry
    BBB is amazing. Now maybe they got smart but this is how I scored a Dyson.
    So we had a rando vac on our list, got it, and then realized (when we had dogs) the dog hair was killing the machine. Im certain my friend used a 20% coupon (who wouldnt) so we took it back and then got credit for that, but they gave us full credit b/c it was on our registry. not 20% less. So then we had our coupon and traded up for another one (still less than the dyson) - we added it to our registry, had them scan our coupon and went on our way. That one sucked. So we returned it, no receipt just registry item, and got full value for it and then finally got a dyson. Total scammers..but hey BBB let us do it :) We dont have the ball one but the one we have is great and we havent had any issues even with dog hair, I think we got the pet one, Im not sure, afterall its been since 2007..wowzers


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