Monday, July 9, 2012

NAWLINS + pneumonia

Alright, I'll start where I left off back in May.

Memorial Day weekend, I road tripped it to New Orleans, my favorite city in 'merica.

Reason? To Celebrate Cajun Kati's bachelorette party!

A bach party is my favorite excuse to party and an even better excuse to truck it to NO {as if I need an excuse} 

We left out on a Friday. I had started not feeling that great at school that afternoon.  By the time I got home I had a touch of fever. A bunch of kids had been out so I figured I was probably getting sick but after about .5 seconds of considering not going I threw those thoughts out, stocked up on Tylenol flu, and put on my party panties. 

Our first night we "wigged out" on Bourbon!

Theme? SUPER fun! But word of the wise: wigs are NOT cute. Especially when you buy the cheapest you can. {Ashley's teal wig was pretty dang cute though and the cut inspired her newest Posh styled haircut}

And another warning: every nasty person on Bourbon, and trust me there are plenty, will want to touch your head. Weird. BUUUT....whatever! It's NOLA! 

I was happy to find out that the other engaged/married girls on the trips didn't trust themselves with their real rocks either...Amanda and I were sportin' Walmart stunnas! (and green fingers)

NOLA is notorious for photo bombers and pictures with the most random people you can find.
Example A.

By the end of the night the bride found her way to the curb, which means the evening was a success!
Example B. Just who the heck are those people?! yuck.

Day two we shopped and walked around the French Quarter...with drinks in hand of course. 

By this point I was starting to seriously not feel well, but nothing a little Bloody Mary/Tylenol cocktail couldn't fix. If it's a party I usually am not one to back down.

Oh yea, that day while taking a walking break these Aussie boys stumbled upon us.  I am not one for an accent, except southern, but many girls thought these boys were the bees knees.  Several school girl crushes were formed so I felt it worthy of a picture. If I'm remembering correctly they were actually quite friendly. Nice guys they got down under.

Can someone please inform me when the next NFL lineman conference is taking place in NO? Now that's a weekend I'd like to visit! You can keep your Aussies. 

We went out to a fun private dinner that night. Well, private until some total crackheads came to chat up our table.  Ooohh, sweet NO!

And, my favorite NOLA weekend activity....stealing instruments at Tropical Isle.

Now, I've done this every trip I've ever taken to Bourbon but I have never successfully stolen a SQUEEZEBOX! {second fav instrument next to a harmonica}

HOLY COW! I was so stoked! And a little shocked considering accordions are very, very expensive and the nice guy, who basically knows me by name now, just let me take it! I spent the rest of the night getting lessons. In the event you'd like to book me for your next gathering I'll warn you, my skills are a little rough...

By day 3 I was basically feeling like death but I pulled myself together for another day on Bourbon. I lasted until about 5 and had to go back to the hotel.  My chest was killing me with each breath I took and by the time I fell into bed my fever was up to 104! We were heading home the next day but I couldn't bare the thought of making the 6+ hour drive back the next morning feeling like I was.  I left my bags for my sweet friends to lug back, booked a flight, and went straight to the ER when my parents picked me up from the airport.

I was SO sad to leave early but it was a wise choice....

Turns out a weekend of trooping lead to pneumonia.

I left the ER with some heavy meds and strict orders not to go back to work for at least 5 days. When the doctor informed me of this I cried.  She was very confused as most people love a great excuse to miss work but for me this was devastating. It was not only possibly my very last week as a real teacher but the very last days of my sweet kinder babes first year in school and I wasn't going to be there for the last days of school fun, for awards day, or to tell them good-bye! 

On a happier note my other babe sure didn't mind me being posted up on the couch for 6 solid days.  She's a great little caretaker!

If you feel like you're getting really sick, don't go out of town and party all weekend.  You WILL get sicker, mark my words, and you may be unable to breathe with any type of ease, have an additional plane flight to purchase, a ridic ER bill, and 23 sad kinder babes...

BUUUT, you may also have one happy pup, another fun weekend to add to the books, and about 7 pounds deducted from the scale from a week of not eating...
(just in time to try on your wedding dress)

You win some you lose some. I'll take it! 


  1. Aah! It looks like y'all had a blast! Hopefully you are feeling better!

  2. What a trooper! Bourbon with pneumonia. I love New Orleans. Sounds like ya'll had fun.


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