Tuesday, July 10, 2012

be there

Our save the dates have been printed, addressed, stamped, and mailed!

{they were actually mailed over a month ago but because my blog skills have been seriously lacking this is far overdue}

I LOVE how they came out!

My friend Amanda at Swoon Design (who still doesn't have a website or etsy) was able to take my -very specific- ideas and turn them into reality! This is what I sent her.

see that little horseshoe? that was my favorite touch!

See, told you they were specific.  And I got to be honest, I absolutely LOVE the work Amanda does and am so thrilled to have someone I know and trust to do these fun touches for me but when in my mind I have something so very specific I have a hard time seeing something that isn't exactly how I pictured it.  We all do this right?  Gosh darnit, I want to learn Photoshop! I think it's about dang time! 

Well, here is the amazingness Amanda interpreted from my drawings.

 Clearly I need to add "learn photography" to my list along with photoshop. This is not ok. 

And upclose.

 I didn't notice until after printing that my ear is sticking out through my hair, guess I sent the wrong pic...ooops!

Not exactly like my sketch but she did an amazing job! The printer even printed multiple for her business to show as examples! This is the perfect "first impression" for our wedding.  I couldn't be happier! 

I was so obsessed with the little horseshoe detail I incorporated into the sketch that we decided to make it a "brand" for the whole wedding! I seriously love it! 

Get it? A horseshoe is a "U"...for Urbanovsky...and luck...gah, love it

"Lucky us!"


  1. OMG They are GREAT! I love them!

  2. oh I do get it!!! How cute :) Cant wait!! They are such CUTE post cards!!


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