Tuesday, July 17, 2012

housewife status

We'll it's official.  I'm a housewifefiance.

This is what I did last week.
Yep, I resigned from the only real job I've ever had
unless you count watching the tyra banks show, daytime tv, and raiding the fridge nannying two precious boys in college

July 10th marked the day I became a housewife. Take a look at my new job....



Working out...

Going to lunch with girlfriends...


You know, wash the dogs...
the usu housewife stuff.

Not too shabby, huh? Especially since the new title will totally make me look like all those girls.

Who am I kidding.  I only wish "housewife" was my actual title. 

Truth is, I'm just straight unemployed...jobless...income-less. 

While I will have all of those duties shown above, those won't be my only duties.  There's just no way I could actually justify being a housewife without any real responsibilities {kids} until then I will be doing something.  Not exactly sure what yet, I only have about a billion ideas up my sleeve, but subbing will likely be how I spend my days until I trick Trav into having a babe.

Honestly, I couldn't be more excited about it all.  There was something so freeing about quitting my job.  I'm sure I'll stay busy but I feel like I'll really get a lot of time to "play" housewife also.

But I must say...as glamorous as being a housewife sounds, it'd actually be a pretty big job. If I didn't have a real job outside the house I would feel like I'd have to keep the house spotless, always have an amazing meal on the table, laundry done, beds made, groceries bought, the list goes on... 

no real job + no kids = NO excuses

Let's be real, that doesn't sound so appealing. At least having some sort of job will give me an excuse to pick up to-go once a week and leave a pile pf laundry on the floor from time to time,  and not immediately load the dishwasher all the time.

On the flip side, resigning was possibly the saddest thing I've ever had to do. A true testament to how much I love T. I absolutely LOVED my job.  It truly was my dream job. I knew I'd be really sad leaving but I didn't know I'd be as sad as I was. 

See this...

I had to shake tears off my paperwork as I handed it to the women working in the office. They surely thought I was out of my mind. I just couldn't stop crying.  As I was walking out people we're looking at me and I'm certain they thought I had been fired. I sat in my car and tried to pull myself together.  Luckily I had a mani/pedi date with my bff Casey.  I killed a little bit of time at Forever 21 adding some new fun accessories to my collection.  Always makes a girl feel better! 

Oh yea, add a smidge of nervous to the emotion list also. Resigning made getting married, moving, and completely changing so many parts of my life become SO incredibly real! 

So in one day, at one time I managed extreme excitement, extreme sadness, and just a little nervous

But that's what it's all about! Cheers to new adventures! 


  1. So sad that you loved your job and had to leave. Not sure the details here as I am not caught up on your life/posts but I'm guessing you're moving or something? :/

  2. Good luck with all the changes in your life coming up. I'm sure you'll find something you love just as much or more!

  3. I actually resigned on the same day as you. lol. Though, mine was because of another job not because I'm getting married/moving. :) I thought I would cry, but I still haven't yet! Good luck with all of the coming changes! :)

  4. new adventures, that is what's important!! good things are coming your way!!
    also, you cracked me up with your housewife pictures. if as a housewife, you get to look like whoever that is in the first picture, then sign me up!

  5. I big time heart you Mandell!
    I'm on my way to temporary housewife status in 3 weeks. sadly, I hated my job so the resignation won't be sad at all. I totally agree that being a housewife will be a huge job. and I do like that I get to blame work for having a major laundry backup and taco cabana three nights in one week.
    this first year of marriage has been a NUTS one. I honestly thought the hardest thing I'd have to deal with was randy going back to school. and now we are being shipped off to Dallas and he's going back to school and I have to find a new job and and and and andddddd you know? I can totally relate to the emotions... just sayin :)

  6. aw those tears... that makes me wish there were a million teachers just like you!
    I would like to be a housewife, minus the cooking and cleaning, does that work?

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