Wednesday, December 19, 2012

what Christmas means to me, my love

I LOVE Christmas.  Everything about it, but aside from the obvious family/friends time, cold weather (which is non existant in sweet TX), and Christmas cheer all around, Christmas cards are my FAVORITE part of the season.  I literally wait for the mail lady all morning and meet her at the box.
ok, so maybe I do that because I have nothing else to do with my day....
but honest to God, ripping open those Christmas enevlopes makes my whole day!

 I was SO excited to get to send out Christmas cards for the first time with my new HUSBAND!

**Also, I think it's worth mentioning that I left my computer at my parents and am currently at the library.  Someone is playing "Silent Night" on a organ and a children's play group is singing along (loud and off key no doubt), and laughing, and's quite magical!

The Christmas spirit it still very much alive and it makes my heart ever so happy!

Back to it, here is how our card turned out this year...
Future brides: THINK AHEAD!
I brought the lights along to our venue and our photog, Erin Woolsey of ee photograpy, snapped this amazing pic for us. I plan to make a huge canvas to display at Christmas time. I LOOOOOVE it.

I used photoshop for the design and had them printed on zazzle.

This is the back:
below it says "the best is yet to come..."

And here's how I have all our beautiful cards on display. I could stare at this all day long. And maybe I do. or maybe I don't.... (but I totally do!)
I spy a sweet, lazy retreiver!

This year has been beyond special.  So many wonderful things happening to so many wonderful people. Our cards include numerous new babies, new marriages, and happy, happy, happy best friends and family.

These cards comes with so much love and I cherish each and every one of them.  I plan to keep them together each year and eventually (when when the day comes) have our little babes take turns choosing a card/family to pray over at dinner each night during the Christmas season - heck maybe each night all year, that's how much I love these things!


And really, I do plan and WANT to get back to blogging soon! Until then....

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  1. So glad you're back Mandell! I have missed you in blog land! I have complete house envy because of you! My poor husband thinks I have lost my mind when I tell him on a daily basis that I want to sell our (not even 2 year old) custom built home to get an older cuter one like yours!

  2. Your card came out FANTASTIC!!! I love it!


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