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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

a little word-y

|| 24 & 25 weeks ||

A little word-y and a lot of typos I'm sure! I type these all precariously from my iPhone, usually in the wee hours of the night with only one eye open... 

How far along: 24 & 25

Gender: BOY!

Maternity clothes: Still rubber banding it but it's getting a little more uncomfortable each day. Maternity jeans need to be purchased soon. I was given some maternity tops and dresses which I'm sure will be amazing back-ups when I get in a bind later on! I was so surprised to see a full on baby bump when I tried  on a maternity cocktail dress! Took me by surprise, I'd been feeling just plain fat in most of my regular comfy clothes! But I always feel better in more fitted shirts, which is very odd considering I usually hate when anything touches my stomach! Seeing my stomach fill out a zip up fleece, button up, or loose fitting shirt is just not flattering. Fitted has proven to look way better these days! Hopefully in the coming months I'll revert back to my loose favorites. Fitted shirts are so unlike me! But I am really excited about spring dresses!

Holy belly! (And holy messy closet! Definitely on the to-tackle list!)

My back is so incredibly arched! Hence why I'm having to hold the extra fabric behind. It always is arched but Ace has made it even more so which I think is making him stick out even more. I have a sneaking suspicion this back going to give me problems in the near future. Joy.

Sleep: Really good, some nights I sleep so hard I don't even get up to use the restroom. However, it's currently 5:20 am and I've been up since about 3.....

Best moments and happenings this week(s): 
- The fact that I now look pregnant (if dressed right) is pretty exciting. I still get a lot of "6 months? You don't even look pregnant!"  Which I never know how to answer other than an awkward "yeaaa!" I mean, how fat did you think I was before this? My clothes don't typically touch my stomach people! On the flip side I've also gotten the more appreciated, "6 months? I hate you. You look like pregnant Barbie" (ha! Barbie?? Funny.) and similar comments but all from women currently pregnant. I much prefer those comments over the judge-y "you've can't be THAT far along!" But I do find my self asking Travis if what I'm wearing makes me look fat or pregnant. He keeps reminding me that I am in fact pregnant so it shouldn't matter. But I keep telling him that I could easily mistake every other woman at Walmart for being pregnant. I just want to hurry and get out of what I feel like is the "is she or isn't she?" category regardless of what I'm wearing. 
- We're slowly making some headway on the nursery!! It's almost painted and we LOVE how the color turned out! Aside from the crib the furniture has been purchased! I am already so in love with that room! (Travis, you will have to drag my tranquilized body out of this house when the time comes...) 
- I spent hours last week while Travis golfed registering online for our showers. What a process! I thought it was necessary for us to go to the store and "experience" that together. Registering for the wedding was SO fun! But after the first hour I was so happy to not be standing in a freakin babies r us, wondering what the heck to scan! 
- Travis would also say "I'm nesting". Truthfully, I think I'm just tired of my house not being exactly how I want it! I spent 3+ days organizing our pantry and the cabinet we keep cups in. I did a major closet purge and am about to do another one. I want to get rid of as much stuff as we possibly can. So tired of STUFF in my house! 
- I subbed just so I would sit down and work on a to-do list! Can't wait for my parents to come up in a few weeks and to see my list grow smaller and smaller. 
- Ace has been moving like CRAZY! But there's absolutely no rhythm to it, which makes it nearly impossible to ignore which in turn is making me tired I think. A punch to the left, a jab lower, a tingle at my belly button...I told Trav he must be doing the worm in there! The night Travis came home he couldn't believe it. His giant hand, unlike mine, can feel more than one spot at a time. After just minutes of him rubbing my stomach Ace settled down and I got some sleep! Trav's already so great at this soothing thing, I know he's going to kick my butt in that department! I'm going with the fact that he's bigger, warmer, and cuddlier than I am.

This will be the overall look of Ace's room.

And we have a chair! If Ace came tomorrow (don't come tomorrow any other day in the next 13 weeks please) we'd at the very least have a place to rock him!

Worst moment this week: this week (25) I have been so sleepy! My belly has just seemed to really appear so I'm wondering if a growth spurt is to blame? I basically slept 2 straight days when Travis was out of town. Even during my exhausted stage I didn't feel this sleepy! At bible study Thursday morning I literally could not keep my eyes open. I even skipped a meeting for the FurBall! Basically I haven't accomplished much the last few days. I also just recently haven't been able to sleep as comfortably on my stomach. I feel so...heavy! When I stand up after laying down or sitting for a while, my entire midsection aches for a few minutes. And I still have a whole lot of growing to do! Eek. *all great reminders for why I never want to be super fat!*

Miss anything: I want a ice cold Miller Lite. Really, really bad. One that's been sitting at the bottom of the cooler, with ice stuck to it. I also my waist back....and cookie dough.

Cravings:  see above plus sandwiches and baked sour cream and onion chips. I think I ate 4 the other day. Oy. And, very out of the ordinary is milk. Nesquik chocolate milk. I'm crediting this one to little Charlotte! But milk with cookies or cereal has also been delicious!

Queasy or sick: sleepy!

Looking forward to: Time slowing down a bit? A few more weekends added to our expected time left before Ace comes? No? Not possible? I just want him to stay in there as long as possible. I don't want to see your cute face until after Easter, k bud? On the complete opposite side of that, I'm looking forward to the future! I LOVE putting events on the calendar my family of THREE will be attending! Weddings, baptisms...oh the outfits I will get to buy! I love saying "this summer we..." knowing that "we" means me, Trav, and Ace! (and oh my gosh, a cubby little 3 month old in a bathing suit...!!!!!)


We love talking about what Ace will grow to love! Travis will play his favorite songs and ask if he like it. We're pretty sure we're going to have a bagpiper on our hands! I'm rooting for an accordion player though. Of course we've chosen the two most expensive (and obnoxious unless talented) instruments imaginable!  And at the very least I want him to be able to rock a harmonica! But I better LOVE the sorority girl that falls for that trick.

It's kind of funny how stereotypes have already begun and protective "Dad mode" is slowly taking over. I could practically hear Travis heart start to race as we watched a movie about a teenage girl starting a prostitution ring. He quenched and said "THAT is why we aren't having girls" (as if he has a choice in the matter). On the flip side, there's a million other things I'm sure Ace will manage to do that will concern/worry/infuriate us!  Ace will not be allowed to play little league football, per his father's orders. I was completely surprised (and a little sad) by this but his reasoning totally makes sense. Baseball and basketball for him until 7th grade! At which time Travis will of course spend hours in the yard teaching him the proper tackling techniques.

I mentioned something along the tune of "this time next year we'll have an almost one year old and one on the way" I was mostly kidding with the expectation I'd get an "uh, no we won't..." but all I got was a raised eye brow and laugh. Guess we're on the 3 before 30 time train! (Uh, no...) Another time the topic of moving in a couple years came up (my most hated topic of conversation) I told him, soley looking for a good reaction, we'd have to hire a staff to help us because I wouldn't be able to do it with 4 kids. I got a similar reaction! What the heck Turbo?! One pregnancy, every other year for the next 6ish years and maybe we'll get lucky with twins. We're getting old, I don't think I have time to make 12 of them!

Ace, daddy sure loves you boy. The man hates to paint. Despises it actually. Your mama, she's quite good at it, can trim and paint a room in just a couple hours (at most). Well, Turbo won't let me near the paint, even though Sherwin Williams has said the brand we picked is perfectly fine to be around. He has spent hours. Literally hours upon hours painting your room. I'm not exactly sure what is taking so long but he's doing it and I'm not even hearing him cuss under his breath! THAT'S how much he loves you babe.

We pass a field full of tractors and trailers on the way to San Antonio. Every trip without fail, Travis tells me that you'll be getting one. Sometimes it's your first birthday, sometimes it's your 15th or 16th. Anyway you slice it, he wants to buy you a tractor. And an 18 wheeler, and a tank, and an airplane, and a donkey (Ass for Ace), and who knows what else. But I have an inkling between him and your he-haw you will have any piece of machinery they can imagine up. I'll only secretly love it.

We took a little Sunday stroll through, I'm not actually sure where - some area lots of Indians once that that is something we will get to continue almost immediately as a family! We'll be all about driving Ace to sleep! 

3 for one

|| 21, 22, & 23 weeks ||

This seemed to be Ace's official appearance! Look at that bump, the boy loves football!

How far along: 21, 22, & 23 weeks (phew, I'm behind)

Gender: BOY and we literally are incapable of being anymore excited!

Maternity clothes: Still the hair tie trick...come on big bump, where are you? I thought for sure I'd look and feel massively pregnant by Christmas.

Sleep: falling asleep great, but for the last couple weeks falling back a sleep after going to the restroom around 3 is a major problem. Benadryl and going back to sleep for a couple hours when Turbo leaves have been doing the trick. What I need to start doing is just getting up and getting stuff done around the house. Such a waste if time laying in bed awake for 5 hours! Grrr!

Best moment this week: So many great moments! But I'd say the sweetest have revolved a man and his boy. Travis felt him kick at 20 weeks on the dot however, it wasn't until a few days ago (22 weeks) that he felt him basically punch his hand. He was giggling and amazed at how strong his boy already is! It was so fun to see his excitement. I really wish I remember all the things Trav says about "his boy". He is most certainly in love! We swapped Christmas gifts before leaving for Houston. He got several things he'd been wanting including an AC/DC box set he was really pumped about. It was very clear he was excited as he was reading through the book they included and listing off all the songs he couldn't wait to listen to. In the middle of the excitement he reached out to touch my stomach and said "but this is by far the best gift". Melt my freakin' heart!

Worst moment this week: none to really speak of. I got "in trouble" for spending far too much money in a week eating out with girl friends. That convo wasn't much fun but I completely understand how that money could have been better on one of the hundred different projects we need to do around the house. But lunching is just so fun! (But Ace is more important. I get it.)

Miss anything: Oh, you know, just the drinking. Thanks holidays.

Cravings:  I don't think I've had any true craving lately, but I'm certainly not happy about the fact that sweets sound way more appealing to me now than they did the last several months.

Queasy or sick: There were a few days where I was absolutely convinced I had a bladder infection. The doctor said I was all good. The fact that I even went to the doctor should tell you how much I love this boy! After my appointment and for the first time, I actually thought I was going to be sick. I think it was due to not eating but in line at Old Navy I had to grab a gift bag from the display just in passed as soon as I got some good ole CFA! I've also been having some little pains in my hip and back every so often. I'll take it though!

Our last Christmas as two! 

Looking forward to: Christmas 2014 with our 8 month old boy! Can't even stand it!!

Turbo got some dad practice in over Christmas!


I feel as though Ace moves an abnormal amount. Constantly. All day everyday, it seems! I love every second of it but it alone I feel like makes me tired! I can't imagine how I will likely be feeling when I'm actually holding that wiggling boy in my arms! The boy loves music! He is currently rocking out to Trav's new box set as we drive to Houston. Proud Turbo. He keeps asking if he's dancing -of course he is, he never stops- to which he'll grin and say "he likes this song, just like his daddy!"

For Christmas Travis also got a diaper bag backpack. The man loves bags/backpacks and organization so having a bag all his own is right up his alley! The bag he'll use when they go to Bass Pro Shop together! Humorous side note: he asked what the clear zipper pouch was for. When I explained it was probably for pee or poo soaked clothes he had a look of confusion in his face. Reality babe!

Christmas was so great all around! I love family time! 

Family time continued when my brothers (3 out of 4 of them anyway) came to visit.  It was a relaxing weekend and I got to squeeze this sweet girl for 2 whole days!

Somewhere in this time frame Ace also received his very first piece of mail! I literally squealed when I read it. There may have been a tear also. I've never seen his name printed by someone else before, it was certainly a month-maker! 

My to-do list keeps evolving and enlarging! Can't wait to start crossing things off and get Ace's home as perfect as possible before Easter!


|| 20 weeks ||

How far along: 20 weeks! Half way to meeting our Baby BOY Ace!

Maternity clothes: I feel like the bump is growing ever so slightly, compared to 9 weeks anyway. Still in regular clothes with the help of hair ties but my maternity leggings, though falling down, are getting lots of stage time.

Sleep: Great. Like a rock most nights. Though, we haven't gone to be before about 1am in probably 2 weeks which could explain that.

Best moment this week: Finishing our Christmas decorations and thinking about the little curious hands that will be driving me crazy next year at this time! Holidays with a 6+ month old will be the greatest joy!

Worst moment this week: Never in my life have I felt more stressed. More below...

Miss anything: not being a crazy person. See below...

Cravings:  whiskey drink by the fire. Reasons below...

Queasy or sick: nope, just stress that hit the very pit of my stomach making me want to throw up!

Looking forward to: making it home safe and sound tomorrow to get my sweet pups from the Bed and Biscuit and sitting by the fire with a (non alcoholic) drink in my hand.


We had been planning to visit the tiny town of Truscott, TX for our friend, Colton's surprise 30th birthday at his ranch. We left Uvalde at 1:30and 60 degrees, by 2:30 the temperature had dropped 30 degrees and we had a flat tire. Two hours later and down the road we hit the icy weather we'd been warned to  "stay inside" for. We spent the next 5 hours slipping and sliding down the highway in the dark. After one big spin I couldn't handle it anymore. The boys were so excited to get to the ranch and start the party they couldn't help but laugh about the fact that we were swerving all over the road. Their reaction paired with my ultimate stress led to me crying in the backseat until we arrived safely to the lodge.

I don't think I will ever be an over protective parent. In fact, in most ways I feel like Travis will be far more concerned about the safety and health of our kids. But right now I am the ONLY person capable of keeping Ace safe. When I lack control over a situation (mainly driving with someone other than Travis at the wheel) I feel completely irresponsible.

I've never thought that I'm one to make entirely dumb choices but 5 years ago, even 5 months ago, I would have enjoyed bundling up, doing donuts on the ice, and probably coming up with other insane ways to enjoy the thick snow and ice....trash can lids tied to the truck bumper?? Yes, please! This weekend is far different, I feel like a total stick in the mud. We're in the middle of nowhere, the boys could go slipping and sliding all over this giant, flat, tree-less ranch and I'm nearly 100% certain everything would be fine. But the off chance that something could happen is enough to stop me.

The fact that I can't enjoy a single whiskey drink over the course of this freezing, 6 degree, weekend while everyone else indulges (heavily) only adds to my stress factor. Luckily, I have a 6 pack of O'Doules waiting for me today. Oh, boy!

It wasn't all bad though, promise! I got to cuddle sweet pups and pet new baby cows! That's more than enough to turn a stressful weekend around! 

Friday night, like a pregnant girl, I went to bed shortly (i.e. immediately) after getting home from Colton's birthday party. I was already like 1am so I wasn't being entirely lame! Anyhow, about 4am I woke up to some serious dance moves happening in my belly. I then realized someone was upstairs playing the guitar and singing old, great covers. Purple Rain, a long time favorite, included in the mix! It was Ace that woke me up, not the music but I didn't fall back alseep until the party was over. This was our first look into what I'm certain will be Ace's love for music. He's got some of his Papaw Eddie in him that's for sure! We're hoping he also gets some of his musical talent as well! Maybe we'll have an Alan Jackson instead of a JJ Watt! 


|| 18 & 19 weeks ||
   19 weeks

How far along: 18 & 19 weeks

Gender: It's a BOY!! We are beyond thrilled!

Maternity clothes: Just the rubber band trick which all of my pants have now adopted as of week 19.

Sleep: Good! Sleeping like a rock and falling back to sleep immediately after mid-night restroom breaks.

Best moment this week: Finding out Ace was an Ace all along on Monday! We met our parents for lunch in San Antonio after our appointment to share the news! I've also been feeling him like crazy! We also had a great, albeit busy, week celebrating Thanksgiving! Christmas came early in Cuero this year! We celebrated with Trav's family the weekend after Thanksgiving. I was SO excited to unwrap a new camera lens I read is great for babies and kids, and a tripod! I'm determined to get good at the photography thing so I won't have to dish out thousands on professional family pictures over the years! Annnd...CASEY HAD HER BABY! Sweet Easton Glenn Pollard is here!

nothing better than a man holding a baby. nothing.

Worst moment this week: can't think of anything. But I'm tired....

Miss anything: same ole, same ole. Miller Lite. 

Cravings:  Getting more and more of a sweet tooth which I'm not thrilled about. But after getting in trouble for not eating/gaining enough I guess a cookie here and there will only help!

Queasy or sick: nope! Feeling pretty good!

Looking forward to: Getting house projects crossed off our list and starting on Ace's precious little nook of a room!

I made sugar cookies for our parents to break open to share the news! We also brought balloons to the restaurant because balloons are fun.

I was so nervous going into the ultrasound. I always am and always will be, I'm sure. She had a REALLY difficult time getting the pictures she needed. She had me laying in different positions and was shaking the heck out of my belly trying to get him to move so she could get a better look. I hadn't had anything to eat and got a lecture from the sonographer and an "I told you so" glare from Travis who the doctor was putting the blame on. Poor guy, he's constantly telling me to eat! When she was finally able to tell it was in fact a boy, after she had be chugging room temperature juice boxes, I of course sobbed. BEST PHRASE WE'D EVER HEARD! Buuut, a teeny piece of my was a little sad she didn't say girl also. I had wanted twins incredibly bad and one of each would have just been icing on the cake!

Lucky for us, because she wasn't able to get all the pictures she needed we get to have another ultrasound! 

I, of course couldn't not go shopping for my baby BOY! Osh Kosh has some of the cutest boy clothes every created...

Several other items arrived in my mailbox shortly after!

Ace is a busy body! Not surprising! I finally determined after weeks of not being sure that it has in fact been Ace I'm feeling in there! I never got the "flutter" type feelings people describe, or maybe I just was oblivious to them. But for the last two weeks I've been feeling what feels more like popcorn popping or a tiny fist hitting a trampoline. The first time I truly took time to noticed it was after a slice of ice cream pie. Millie was laying on my stomach and after each of her heartbeats I would feel him. They already have a special bond! I was pretty sure I felt him outside of my stomach then also.

Head to belly, just making sure things are all good in there. 

During the last quarter of the Alabama/Auburn game he was would not be still! He's destined to be an SEC football player and loves a good game! He's definitely our boy! I loved every second of the jabs and felt him many times on the outside! Travis didn't feel him because we were with a bunch of people and hands on a mostly bump-less stomach is just a little awkward. Hopefully he'll feel it soon!

I got the happiest little "it's a BOY" surprise from a very happy Lolly! She is totally the BEST!

Somewhere in this span of time we also took a quick trip to visit this beautiful lady! We were so happy we did! 

And I'll leave you with a picture the cutest little profile I ever did see!

catching up - 17 weeks!

I've been re-inspired to document the weekly(isn) going-ons!
|| 17 weeks || 
How far along: 17 weeks!

Gender: I still have a strong feeling it's a boy but the other day out of no where I decided to add this pink heart to my grandma Doll's necklace that I wear every day. As soon I put it on I suddenly and for the first time ever had a feeling like "maybe it's a girl!" It for some reason caught me really off guard and I cried thinking about how nervous I have always been about raising a daughter. How I don't think I'd be as good a girl-mom as I would be a boy-mom. But at that very second I felt like it was Dolly saying, "if it's a girl you will be the best mom to her!" It completely calmed all my nerves about having a little girl! And maybe even a little excited about the possibility of a girl! If it's a little girl in there she has the absolute best guardian angel I could ever imagine!

Maternity clothes: not yet. I need to add a hair tie to my favorite jeans though, they've been getting unbuttoned frequently...

Sleep: Great! Helps that I've been exhausted by the time bedtime rolls around!

Best moment this week: If Casey has her baby in the next 24 hours that would be the absolute best part of my week! But I was so happy to come home for a few days, get my first craft show (and last after my the small one on Thursday) over and done with, and unless baby E decides to cooperate with my time schedule, Casey and I are spending our last ever moments of babyless time together tomorrow (Trav's fantastic idea!) So crazy how much our lives as we know them are about to be rocked forever, in the best possible way! A&E=BFF

Worst moment this week: Trav was gone all week and I won't see him until Tuesday night! Livin la'vida loco.

Miss anything: Just want a dang mimosa. Really just a pitcher of champagne with a splash of oj, please! Or a giant Bloody Mary with lots of pepperoni, pickled green beans, and olives! Oh.yum.

Cravings: (see above) But really, my plate typically looks something like the above picture. I also had this sudden craving for hamburger helper. I used to skip my mom's meals to go eat hamburger helper at Casey's house in high school and I couldn't wait to sit down with a big plate of it.  Except when I did, it was SO gross! I suffered through enough bites to qualify as lunch and pitched the rest! YUCK!  I've been eating terribly the last week, things go crazy when Turbo and I are off our regular weekly routine. Pretty excited about chicken minis tomorrow though!

Queasy or sick: thankfully, neither!

Looking forward to: finding out if we have an Ace or Acie next week and feeling him move!!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013


|| 16 weeks ||

 Some form of "weekly bump pics" will be coming soon.  I haven't felt like there's much to show but several people have told me how fun it is to look back on and notice the slight difference week to week. And it's boarder line killing Travis that I'm not doing it already. As soon as I locate an empty wall and invest in a tripod, it will be happening. 

How far along: 16 weeks! I definitely see a bump there but I think now I'm ready for a noticeable "it's a baby in there" bump. I have a feeling it may be a while though. I keep getting told that since I'm tall I probably won't hardly be showing until 6-7 months. Really??

Gender: we will officially find out November 25th!

Maternity clothes: I wore the skinniest/tightest jeans I own on Friday night and I finally had to unbutton them. Not so much because they were feeling too tight but because by back was absolutely killing me! I've also worn a pair of maternity leggings a couple times this week and they are SO comfortable but they really need a bump to support them. I kept yanking them up. I have, on the other hand, busted out of two button downs. My favorite, favorite denim shirt will have to be retired until further notice. :'(

Sleep: Much better now AND without the aide of meds! But it could have something to do with the fact that I'm attempting to do 101 different things every day. My mind and my body are exhausted by 8pm!

Best moments this week: 
- Hearing Ace's heartbeat at our appointment on Tuesday! He was so busy in there our doc said all the other commotion we heard was him flipping and kicking the doppler! Love our busy bean so much even though I'm absolutely certain we will have our hands full in several short months. 
- Also, our cousin and her husband, who have been trying for a baby for about a year texted me the most wonderful first picture their little angel! I am so incredibly excited for them! 
- I also finished almost all of our Christmas shopping at the San Marcos outlet malls on Thursday and...purchased Ace's diaper bag! 
- In town for church two Sundays in a row??! That has never happened! It was so fun being greeted with a "so happy to see y'all again" and invited to lunch by members we met the week before! 
- AND Turbo got the biggest buck he's ever killed this week! So happy for him! It's fun to think that over the next probably 40+ years Turbo and his kiddos will spend weekends bonding over things like that. I'm not huge on dead animals around the house but I love the idea of a room full of all those memories they've made together! 

Worst moment this week: Turbo being gone (which to be completely honest wasn't all that terrible. I got a lot done and I'm finally getting less and less nervous of my empty house!) 

Miss anything: If I got to choose between drinking a bottle of champagne and a new pair of riding boots, I'd choose the that so terrible?

Cravings: None. However, my empty pickle jar collection is growing. And that's not a pregnant girl joke. 

Queasy or sick: Nope. Just hoping the back pain I was having on Friday never shows its ugly face again. 

Looking forward to: Getting everything ready (done/finished/out of sight forever) for the craft show I'm doing next weekend. Slowly pulling out Christmas decorations! Finding out if our little is an Ace or Acie and feeling him move! 

We could not ask for better weather around here! It's been gorgeous! Sunday afternoon we took the pups to the river for the first time in ages! It was pretty chilly but the views and happy tails were totally worth it! 

While Turbo was getting his big buck, I got my diaper bag! The best kind of trade off if you ask me!

I know. My husband looks like a giant leprechaun with that beard....

And here's the bag I will be toting along with little Ace!

I was thinking I would just get a black and leather Jon Hart bag instead of an actual diaper bag, but I just couldn't pass this one up!

 I wore it strapped across me for a good 45 minutes while shopping and everyone agreed it suited me well! Can't wait to have a babe on the other hip!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

15 and flying


How far along: 15 weeks 

Gender: still guessing boy!

Maternity clothes: none yet but I have GOT to get black maternity leggings immediately. Mostly because all my others are practically shear from wear.

Sleep: like a rock (with the aide of Benedryl) but of course waking up 1-3 times to stumble around the bed to the bathroom. 

Best moment this week: Halloween was majorly fun! I can't wait to have a child to experience the holidays with! My house is finally clean, my to-do list is slowly getting shorter, we kept our doors open for about 3 straight days to bring the beautiful days inside, I started "Jesus Calling" making my favorite part my day even better, we stayed in town all weekend and got to go to church, Travis cooked nearly all our meals, this girl can not complain about a thing! 

Worst moment this week: no true "worsts" to speak of. Tech lost. Again. My phone wouldn't send or receive messages which is just a tad annoying. But in the grand scheme of things are pretty wonderful!

Miss anything: I opened a bottle of wine for a friend Halloween night and I wanted to chug the entire thing!  And I could have certainly benefited from a Miller Lite (or a Xanax) during our game.

Cravings:  This week we ate like we never do! More carbs and red meat that I usually consume. Travis is hilarious doing a rendering of the dance he thinks Ace does every time I feed him "meeeeeeaaatt!!!" I must say though, I made baked potatoes topped with meat Trav had frozen the last time he made ribs and incredible is really the only way to describe it. 

Queasy or sick: not really, but I have been a little stuffy. Not sure if Ace is to blame though. 

Looking forward to: Feeling him, so I know he's ok in there! And my appointment on Tuesday although there's not an ultrasound. It will be nice to check in with the doc. Plus, it's always fun to spend a day in San Antonio with Turbo. We decided after our first appointment we would always do some type of random act of kindness after each good doctors visit. I look forward to it and it's really the least we can do to share our endless blessings with others. I hope it's a tradition we will continue with Ace each time we go to SA, and teach him to spread the love every day! 


Turbo ran to the beer barn by our house for ice and brought back a Dr Pepper (he's a saint) and 4 lottery tickets for Ace. He said our winnings would go in his college fund. Well, we were winners!! With this $10 we will be able to buy Ace his first two beers when he turns 21! You're welcome in advance, bud. Hold us to it! 

We also read that Ace can now hear! Unfortunately the first words he probably heard his dad speak yell were several choice curse words directed to a certain coaching staff and defense on Saturday. We hope Kliff can pull this together before Ace commits with Tech in 2033 and can offer them a legitimate defense. 

At least our steak has same spirit... 

I spent last week working on things for Urban Sky. I've been working on new designs that I hope to make in to prints available for purchase. I am really excited about that little addition. I also worked on several burp clothe orders. I like these boy designs but I'm in love with my girl designs! I'm working on some different "cool" ideas for boys. Burp clothes your husband would be proud to sport! Excited to get these listed soon as well.  In the mean time you can order in my etsy shop (shopping cart above!)